You’ve been Flocked….

This is really funny to me.  Let me explain, I follow a brilliant writer who has a blog called , she posted a blog back awhile about in her childhood years.  They had been flaminogoed.   While I read the blog and giggled and got the message, I didn’t think anything else about it.

Until recently.  My small town (2000 people), has been flamingoed lately. They first showed up about a week ago. While I am smiling and following the “flock” around town, the reaction is amazing.

The “flock” has  been to quite a few people’s homes lately, and they all just smile, and are amazed.  Somehow these flamingo’s just are making their way around town  and everyone is wondering when and where they will show up next.  I don’t know if this is a fund-raising event, or who is sponsoring the “flock”.    But it sure is fun to watch.

One response

  1. Love Kana too. Hers is an amazing blog. Expecting flamingos in Hartlepool any day now?

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