A Message to Someone…

Somethings have happened, and While I still stand by the Statement that “Dead People don’t talk”  This is my last message to you, by YOUR choice….And while it may hurt me….Something about TOUGH LOVE comes to mind…..Because simply for the fact, I am not the reason you have problems, I’ve been there since day one buddy,I have done the best that I could with the resources I had.  If you have imagined something different, Then I’m sorry.  Because EVERYONE’s life is in their own hands, and if you have screwed it up….Well….

While I am sorry for what you going  through,I am not to blame, if you choose to blame me….and cut me out of your life, that is your choice, to my readers, I’m sorry for airing dirty laundry, but this has hurt me, and I will recover.


One response

  1. jo, u speak the truth! I am sorry for your pain and the pain of the other person but……we all must resposibility for our selves. Not blame others. It’s simple self respect!

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