Climbing the Mountain.

Sometimes, in life, it’s not so much as getting to the top of the mountain, as it is the journey.

This thought has run through my head several times today.  Today, was not a good day.  It had some very good highlights, but overall, not so good.

I’ve learned that I don’t base my happiness on others, but they do help to contribute to it.

My day started off ok, I scooped up Cam-Man and went to the Farmer’s.  I got yesterday’s report from the Farmer, and then continued on in our day.  Cam-Man was all over the place, partly because he didn’t feel good, partly because he was well…just being a regular curious 22 month old. 

Momma was…well.. just being a Parkinson’s Momma today.  Apparently, she did not really have a great day yesterday, and it kind of carried over into today.  She said some things to me, that all most had me in tears, but I was to busy trying to reassure her to have time for tears.

It was time for me to leave, and I did something, the Farmer asked me to come back this afternoon, and I couldn’t.  I called the Nursing student and asked her to stop by before she went to work.  She did this for me, because, I asked, and I told her how I felt.

Sometimes, for me, while the Farmer deals with it 24/7, there are times, when I have a really hard time with it.  I see progression in a Disease that seriously stinks.  I will go back tomorrow and Momma may be having a “good” day. 

I can’t say that all I am feeling is related to Momma, I have just found out some other things in my life, that are pressing on my mind.

I think I decided that in my climb up the mountain, I need to stop worrying about things I have NO control over, and stop and look at the scenery, and enjoy today for what it is. 

 There will always be stuff to worry about, I may not always get good news,  Momma is not always going to have good days, Cam-Man is not always going to behave (although I wish I could keep him from climbing up everything, and crashing to the floor).   

Maybe, I just need to chalk up today as being “One of those days” and let it go, and I’m sure I will. 

Ok enough depressing stuff, on a side note, uhm, the Electrician and I have already polished off one loaf of the Friendship bread that the Nursing student and I made on Saturday, and are working on the second loaf.  I gave the Farmer his today, and he even admitted  “That stuff is addicting”.  Peeps, it good stuff.

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  1. Do you think your mother would mind going back to the nursing home? I hesitate to ask this because it feels like I am interfering but I wonder if this would lighten your load etc. I hope this doesn’t sound presumptuous.

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