Bright Sunny day.

The difference a day makes.  After the darkness of yesterday, today dawned very sunny and bright.

Cam-Man was in a great mood today, and co-operated with me and did a lot of giggling.  We only had one serious goofy moment today.  I thought I had more diapers at the Farmer’s house, uhm…nope I only had one left.  As par for the course, as soon as I changed his pants, he decided he wanted to make a very “stinky” mess.  Folks, you know it’s bad when the kid comes up to you holding his nose saying “pewie”.

So, I improvised.  I cut up one of Momma‘s pad’s and made a diaper and then kept it together with surgical tape.    The Nursing student laughed at my ingenuity.  Hey, it worked, and it didn’t even leak!

Momma, today was brilliant.  She did all of her exercises, and was very chatty this morning.   She walked and was a bright spark today.  She mentioned that her feet hurt, so she had a “Spa Day Pedicure”, and was given a sea salt rub on her feet, had her toenails trimmed, and then her feet buffed and polished, and moisturized.  Momma remarked at the end of it, that she had enjoyed “Spa Day” and that her feet felt so much better.

As for me, I came home and the Electrician had chopped some potatoes for french fries (he says I make the best one’s), and I put together the BEST meatloaf, I have ever made (Folks, I don’t like Meatloaf, and I ate 3 pieces).  I threw some green beans on the plate too.

The Electrician and I are watching  “The Voice” on t.v., and just relaxing.  I feel better today, since I have decided to not to worry, and just “go with the flow”, so to speak.

Have you ever had the sense of “Deja Vu”?  I had the sense of “Vouja Dey” today, the feeling I’ve never been in this situation before, and I will try to embrace it, or at least make the best of it.

So, with that being said, That’s what I’m going to do.



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  1. Vouja Dey – brilliant!!!

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