Happy Anniversary!

This was the original post I had scheduled in my mind to do yesterday, but somehow, I got completely sidetracked.

Yesterday was the Farmer and Momma‘s 31st Wedding Anniversary.  Momma and the Farmer actually got married twice.  Once in the Registrars office and also in the Catholic church by Father O’Sullivan.

This picture was actually taken after the Wedding and on their way out to the Honeymoon. Which was spent at The Ritz Hotel in London. (I can’t help but think how Young they both looked, but both of those faces I remember from my “girlhood”.

The funny thing about yesterday, was that I went in and got Momma up, with Cam-Man running all over the place, shouting at the top of his lungs.  Momma asked me “what’s today?”, and I replied with “Today is a Special day“.

A conversation with the Farmer led me to believe that maybe I had the dates wrong.  I kinda down played the whole thing.  Then I came home and figured it out, Yup, yesterday was their anniversary of 31 years.  The formula for this calculated finding is this.  31 years ago on April 18th, I got married, The Farmer and Momma got married exactly one week after I did.

The difference being, I got divorced after 13 years, and they stayed married.  (On a side note, I have since re-married AND found my soul-mate the past 17 years).  But I digress.

Today when I went over to the Farmer’s and got Momma up, I asked her how she was doing, and I’m here to tell you, she was so bright eyed and bushy tailed, I asked to see her tail.  The Farmer came in to help me with getting her up and he even remarked how bright eyed she was. 

Momma was a trooper today, she did her therapy, walked like a champ, and then took a nap in her chair while I explained to the Farmer I was right about the Anniversary thing.

Apparently it didn’t matter, they had a remarkable evening last night.  I won’t go into details, but apparently, the Farmer and Momma had a good night together.

When I see the love that they share, and the things the Farmer does to help make Momma comfortable, I can’t tell you what I feel.  I have seen the Farmer go out of his way to make sure Momma is comfortable and taken care of.

I can remember walking into the Farmer’s room and just dropping a hint that maybe Momma needs “this or that”, and the next thing you know our favorite dude from UPS shows up at the door.

While Parkinson’s may be hard, the Farmer is trying his best to make it ok for Momma, and I’m with him in this.

Momma once asked me, “Why do you both take care of me so well?”  I responded with this:

“Because Momma, you took such good care of the Farmer and I for a long time, you were my friend when I really needed one.  You let me come live with you and took me as your own, that now, it’s time we took care of you and let you know, you ARE our own.”

Happy Anniversary to the Farmer and Momma (a day late, BUT, I was right…hehehe)  I Love you both with all my heart.


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  1. It’s great to see the pictures of them!

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