LCHS friends and family…

I am honored, by specific things in my life.  I am an LCHS Graduate.  I am one in a million kids that graduated from a High School  located in  High Wycombe, England.

I went to a Boarding School that also had day students (kids close enough to be bussed day in and day out)  Others of us, we boarded, because we couldn’t make the trip in a couple of hours.  Some of us came from Turkey, Switzerland, Germany,  or other far nether regions. We were kids, that grew up together.

We were American students in another country that flocked together.   We formed a bond, that I’m sorry, cannot be broken.  I can call on any of the kids I went to school with, and ya know what?  They will be there.

While we have all grown up, and taken lives turns, I still find today, we are all there for each other.  The thing that amazes me, is that it doesn’t  matter what year we graduated, or what class you were in, the fact that we all went to this school makes us family.  One of my former class mates stated today, that we are Family.  You know what, we are.

When one of us needs help, all of them are there.  I am an only child, but NOT an only child.  Because, I have a bunch of sisters and brothers who would be there if I need them.

I truly had a UNIQUE upbringing, because of ALL those I can call brother and sister.  Thanks to each and every one of you.  You are ALL special to me.


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