The Other side of Switchup Friday…

While I have posted about the past 2 “Switch-up” Fridays, I have to tell the other side of them.  That would involve the Electrician and Cam-Man.  Please note that most of this information is second-hand as told to me by the Electrician.  (I tried to get him to write a guest post, and instead he gave me a detailed “telling” of the story and told me I was the writer in the family.)

So, back a week ago, after I had left at o’dark thirty to go scoop up Cam-Man and bring him back to my house, and then I left to go to the Farmer’s. 

It was supposed to rain that day, and the Electrician wanted to take Cam-Man to the park.  After breakfast, they went outside  and went for a spin around the yard on the lawn mower.

It’s one of Cam’s favorite things.  After the ride on the lawn mower, Cam-went for a ride on the Batmobile




He spent some time picking flowers and then the Electrician asked him if he wanted to go to the park.

He took off like a shot to the Rav4 and got all buckled up and ready to go.




First thing at the park was the swings, then the slides, and then just running around.  They stayed at the Park for about an hour, when they hit the trail home.


After a quick lunch, they played pretty hard, until Cam-Man got stuck in the Cat’s tunnel. 


 Don’t ask me, I wasn’t there.

When I got back, Cam-man was napping and the Electrician had to run and do some errands.  The Nursing Student arrived and picked up Cam-Man, who was one very happy kid after spending the day with “HIS” Poppa.


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