The calm, after the storm.

Ok, after reading my title and especially after yesterday’s post, first let me clarify.  Nobodies head rolled today, ok?

My day started off as normal, Cam Man was excited to see me and we toodled off down the road to the Farmer’s.  Although, today we did stop to do a little learning.    I wish I had my camera with me, because we stopped at the side of the road and Cam-Man had his first encounter with a cow.  Yes, folks, I stopped and got Cam-Man out of the car because some of the cows were up against the fence, along with a calf.  We walked up to them and the Momma cow was eyeballing us. 

Cam-Man was a little nervous, but he held out his hand and the cow let us pet her, and her calf.  We loaded up back into the Rav4, and Cam was enchanted.  Now, when you ask him what sound a cow makes, he looks at you and giggles and then says “MOO“, he’s learned it firsthand.    When we got close to the Farmer’s, I pointed out the horses in the pasture, right next to the Farmer’s house.  (We’re going to stop there another day.)

Momma was doing good today, and the only mishap was when Cam-Man fell down, and started crying and poor Momma was in the middle of getting her pants changed.  I kinda left her hanging, (so to speak), and calmed poor lil dude down.  He crashed hard and hit his cheek.  He’s ok, by the way.  Momma too, although she was happy when I came running back to finish the job.

The Electrician called and asked what time I was coming home, because there was some bad weather about to hit our area, and he didn’t want me and Cam to be driving through it.  We were fine, Cam-Man and I played through the storm, lightning and thunder, while Momma slept through it.

The Farmer?  well, he went out to the Shooting Range to help fix the John Deere tractor,(apparently, some mice ate through the starter wires)  and he got SOAKED.

The Farmer got back home, and I made him a fresh cup of coffee, and then all 3 of us got Momma up and running.  I think I have figured out, that letting Momma sleep in (especially on stormy days), is best for all concerned.  She is a lot happier to get up at a later hour, and she appears to be more responsive to therapy and plus the meds have kicked in and she is “loose”.

Momma had a Great day today, I guess a really good afternoon, I have this on the Farmer’s word.  Cam-Man and I left about 12:30 and drove to my house, in the rain.  When we got to my street, Cam-Man was shouting “We’re here, We’re here”. 

The Electrician came out and got Cam-man out of the car, and we came in had some lunch, and then the Electrician and Cam-Man went to run errands.  Me…well, I baked 8 loaves of “Amish Friendship bread”.    So, I now have 8 loaves of friendship bread and 8 starter kits, hmm, who am I going to inflict this on?  I’ve got some people lined up, TRUST me.

The Electrician and Camden got back and we all played for a bit and then I put the Electrician and Cam-Man down for a nap.  (I was still baking).  The Fisher dude showed up for his son, who was sleeping hard, and we had to wake him up.  (Can I digress for a minute,   well, yes I can, I remember having to wake up the Nursing student for school for SEVERAL years, if I thought SHE was hard to wake up, this kid’s WORSE than his Momma).  I think Cam-Man left my house STILL sleeping, but with his eyes open.

The Electrician vacuumed all of my floors for me, and I just kind of hung-out.  We turned on the computer when the Electrician noticed a post on his page, that said SEVERE weather was happening about 30 miles from us in Champaign, Illinois.    No problem, our county isn’t in it.  (Duh, it’s moving our way).

I turned on the t.v. and things were starting to happen.  Folks, to clue you in I live in Central Illinois,  I want to say (and I haven’t checked), 8 years ago a town about 28 miles from me was completely wiped out by a tornado, we take Tornado’s VERY serious around here.

The Tornado warning then got called for my county.  the Electrician and I looked outside, it didn’t look bad.    We kept following it on the t.v. and then all of a sudden, my town was right in the path of this storm.  I really didn’t get nervous, until the Farmer called me (he does let me know when things like this happen, because he has a weather radio).  The conversation kind of went like this :

“Hello Dad”

“Joanne, get to your safe place” 

“Dad, we have the t.v. on and computer and are watching the doppler, we’re going, I’ll call you when it is all over k?

“Okay, I love you”

“Love you to Dad, I’ll call you”.

The Electrician and I turned off the computers, and then we closed the windows and then we went searching for Ms. Baby..pfft…she was under the bed.  Then we had some rain, hard rain, my porch flooded, then everything stopped.  Then we found out the heart of the storm hasn’t even hit us.  (We still had the t.v. on).

The Siren’s in town went off and then the storm hit, the wind kicked up (thank goodness my tree in front of my house is still there, because I had visions of it hitting the house).  The thunder, lightning, and then hail.  There were a lot of different sizes of the hail.  There was an actual tornado south of me that made a brief touchdown.

The Electrician and I made it through, and LUCKILY, this one was not one that would do any damage, there were a total of 3 tornado’s that touched down today, and None of them did any damage.

We were lucky.  Some people are not so fortunate.  I’m glad we were.  We even had a rainbow after the storm with clear blue skies….



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