Wacky Wednesday.

Well kids, today, hmm…well it’s been a little wacky.  Different reasons for different people.

Cam-Man:  He was his ALMOST normal self today.  I went to pick him up, and while he was getting dressed by his Momma, I asked him very politely, “Please Cam-Man DO NOT CLIMB on anything today and crash and burn ok?”.  His Momma laughed at me and said OBVIOUSLY, I didn’t know Cam-Man.  hehehe, Cam-Man did NOT climb on anything today, and we had a great day.  We toured the Farmer’s land (at a run).   He got to sit in the driver’s seat of the Rav4 and play with all the buttons.  He had a good time, and was happy to see his Momma, I think he was tired by that time.  See ya tomorrow, Cam-Man.

The Farmer:  He played with Cam-Man and then had to make a run to Wal-Mart with my shopping list.  Uhm, EXCUSE me, but he had a few unauthorized items, that were NOT on the list.  The Farmer got a pass tonite though, because I came back and spent the evening with Joyce and Momma.  I do find it funny however, that I negotiated with the Farmer about giving Momma her 8 o’clock meds.  You see, he was actually EARLY tonite, from the time frame he had given me.  (Why do I feel like a parent, lecturing the child?  OMG, I’ve turned into my Dad).

Momma:  She had a rough day all the way around.  She did not want to get up this morning, and told me she “felt like $hit”.  I took her temp and everything looked good.    When I returned this afternoon, she was a little shaggy tailed.  She talked for a bit, I changed her pants, and then well…I don’t know what the heck happened other than Parkinson’s, because she was straight up that way.    Joyce stated to me she had never seen Momma this bad.  Well, I have.  Momma has had quite a few good days in a row, so I figured we were due.    We finally got Momma to bed (I think I taught, Joyce a couple of tricks tonite as far as Momma is concerned).  Momma arrived in the bed, and FINALLY relaxed.

The Electrician:  He has busted his butt all day at my house.  My yard looks like a golf course.  He planted some cherry and Big Boy tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, (the radishes are already coming in).  We have to get some potting soil for my herbs.  He also did a couple of loads of laundry and also caulked some of my broken concrete on the back patio.

Youngest Son:  I got a phone call this morning (at 7am).  “Mom, I’M OUT”, me “Where are you?”  son “I think I’m in Virginia, I’m on my way to Albuquerque, and I’m gonna start my life “(uhm 27 years later).  I Love you Mom”  me “I Love you too!”

Me:  It’s been a Wacky day to me, things are weird.  I took a shower at the Farmer’s today, and by the way he has one of those “rainfall” shower heads that is bigger than my head, and MAN WAS THAT COOL! The Electrician laughed at me because, 1. I didn’t have MY soap, 2. I didn’t have ANY conditioner for my hair.  But other than that the whole experience was cool.  I had a good day with all involved.  But, I have come to the conclusion, There is no place like home.

I thank the Farmer for being EARLY, I thank Joyce for her help with Momma, I thank Cam-Man for co-operating with me, I thank the youngest Son for calling his Momma, BUT, I thank the Electrician for keeping the home front going while I do what I do.
And folks, I’m not kidding my yard LOOKS like a golf course, and he has worked hard, Thanks Babe….


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  1. In between the lines I can see how the unpredictablility of your mother’s Parkinson’s symptoms makes every day a new challenge. Go, Jo – you are good!

    1. fying by the seat of my pants. about now…

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