Ms. Baby

I’ve been dragging my feet, for about a month now.  You see, Ms. Baby’s annual Vet visit came and went in April, and I didn’t have the heart to take her.

Well, seeing how the Electrician and I gave her a flea treatment (much to her disdain), I figured mise well make her indignation complete, with a visit to the vet.

So, this morning, I tricked her into thinking it was going to be a good day. I let her sit out on the porch this morning for a rather long amount of time. Then I went outside and scooped her up into my arms, and we nose kissed, and then I shoved her butt into the pet carrier.

The howling started immediately.  In cat language I believe this is what she was telling me.

“You Nasty Human, what are you doing?  You tricked me, where are we going?  OH NO, the car, roll down the window, watch out for that car, hey, are we going to the Vet’s?  You are mean and rotten, and how can you make me go through this?  This is outrage I say.  Hey if you think that sticking your finger in my jail is going to make me happy, growl.  Oh no, where are we, wait, what are you doing?  Don’t drop me.   It smells funny in here, I hear other animals.  I smell CATS, alright Human, where the hell are we?”

We get to the Vet’s office and this cat has “talked” to me the whole time on  the way there (it’s about a 15 minute ride).  We get into the exam room and I let Ms. Baby out of her “jail”.  She immediately looks around and sniffs everything, and then, it happens.  She practically tries to climb into my arm pit.  She has buried her face and has her paws wrapped around me and won’t let go. 

We finally get her weighed, ahem…Ms. Baby has to go on a diet (I’ll go into that later).    Ms. Baby tolerated the weighing and the probing from the Vet, but when she saw the needle.  (Folk’s I’ve had kids and none of them like to get shots, but this is a CAT, for crying out loud.)  Ms. Baby could not find anywhere to hide, so she tried to hide in my armpit again.

We finally got the shots done, and she flew back into the pet carrier and gave me a look that said “SHUT the door now and let’s go”.

I chatted with the vet for a bit, and I found out that next year, Ms. Baby is considered a “senior”.  She is 6 years old now, and an almost senior?  Does that mean she will get a “senior discount“?  Heck, I thought she was a teenager.

Somewhere along the road, my  little baby who could fit in the palm of my hand when we first got her.  Now, she weighs a whopping  15 lbs.  (cough) I’m not quite sure how that happened, and the vet has advised me that she really needs to lose about 3 pounds, to be healthy.  So, I guess we are now going to have to buy different cat food, and see what Ms. Baby thinks about that.

When we got into the car to come back home, (usually she is extremely quiet), uhm, not so much today.  This was the conversation on the way home:

“Hey Momma Human, that was really uncalled for.  That lady probed my butt, and felt me up.  Then she gave me that wicked needle and my shoulder hurts now.  I need a treat.  Oh yea, and all that crap she said about me being fat, you can forget all that stuff, I’m not fat, I’m fluffy.  But if you DARE to tell me I’m fat and try giving me some Diet catfood, I’m going to find that stash of catnip, snort all that stuff and attack you while you are sleeping GOT IT?”.

We arrived home, and the Electrician came out to carry Ms. Baby’s jail into the house, and set her down in the entrance way, opened the door, out she came.  Of course, she started loving on him, and just swished her tail at me. 

As the day has progressed, she has officially ignored me, and loved on the Electrician.  Until, a few moments ago, when she came up next to me and rubbed against my leg.  I think she has forgiven me for her “traumatic” day.  Otherwise, it just means, “Ok Mom, now you better brush me and give me a treat”.

Pfft…my cat’s not spoiled or fat, she’s just fluffy, AND mouthy…..




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