Crossing Barriers….

Ok kids, this is going to be an unconventional post.  Before I even start I want to give you a little of the “back story”.  I was married to a man for 13 years and had 2 children by him.  It was not a happy time in my life, and since the Farmer reads my posts I will NOT go into detail. 

I found the courage and will power to leave him, and I moved North.  I came “home” so to speak.  Momma and the Farmer took me and my 2 kids in.  We stayed with them for a while, and things progressed, jump forward about oh uhm… 7 months.  I decided it was time to get back out there and I went on a date.  Wow that was not what I had intended,and I found the Electrician the next night. (Have not been apart since then, but again I digress).

I’ve been troubled by my kids, and it all actually came to head one summer evening, when my ex-husband and his new wife, with their new baby girl, drove their RV and parked it in front of my new home. 

Uhm, seriously how do you deal with that?  The Electrician went with the flow, and told me to settle down and not worry.  I dealt with it, and when they set up home in a trailer park in my town, ok, I can deal with that too.

I became friends with the ex-hubs wife, I really liked her, and this was not our first meeting.  But something happened while they here.  He started treating her like he had treated me.  This I could not stand.  So, when she came to me asking for help, I did the only thing I could.  I gave her bus fare home to her “home”.  While it might not have meant that much to her, other than to get her out of a bad situation, it was hard for me.

I dealt with the Ex, and explained things to him.  It didn’t matter they ended up divorced, and I don’t think he ever forgave me.  That I am not ashamed of.  The two of them had a daughter, and she has grown up so beautiful, I keep tabs on them, and yes, the ex-wife (#2) and I have kept in touch through the years.

And that brings me to today….A woman who I might not ever had met, under other circumstances, has become an Author.  I am so proud of the woman she has become today.  Some people say you’re not supposed to like the “other” woman, but to them I say pfft…ya’ll don’t know squat.

Her and I have a lot in common, the only difference is she went on and made something out of her life, and I am so proud of the woman she has become.  (Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made something out of my life too, but on a much lower key than her.)

So, for all my readers that like a good love story:  Here is Doneen’s book.  You can get it on, or your local book store.  Me, I am getting a personally autographed copy.    I’m very proud of her, from where she came, and where she is now.  We have a lot in common.


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    1. I warned ya, mi vida loca…and mine is only 1/4 of the story of all I’m involved with, When I think I am down and out, I remember ALL of those that have touched my life, YOU included, and it is simply a chapter, and we will smile at the end…Hugs…jules….

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