Sometimes, ya just gotta laugh!

I truly try to find the humor in most situations.  Sometimes, it is a lot easier to laugh than cry.

Momma said something to me today, that really made me kinda giggle. 

Momma:  “Am I going blind?”

Me:  “Uhm, I really don’t think so, Momma.  Try opening your eyes, because right now they are closed.”

Momma:  “Oh, yes, I guess your right, they were closed.”

(The Farmer was sitting in the room, and he added to it.)

the Farmer:  “I just shut off the overhead light, honey, your not blind, we took your glasses off, Oh, and your eyes are closed.”

Earlier, before this one was another one.

Momma:  “I really think the Queen should have invited me to tea, after all it’s my birthday AND her jubilee.”

Me:  “Uhm, Momma it’s not your birthday today”.

Momma:  “Well it IS the Queen’s jubilee”.

Ok folks, how can you argue with that one?  

The funny thing is, most of the time Momma is Momma, but lately, uhm…not so much.  Between sleeping a lot, stiffness, a lot, and just some wierd mind things, Parkinson’s is kicking our butts.



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  1. Hilarious in a bittersweet way!

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