My Mother’s Day…..

Today dawned with Ms. Baby coming in to wake us up, simply because her food bowl was empty.  She hasn’t gotten the drift she’s on a diet yet.  The Electrician spared me and got up with her, and let me sleep a little bit more.

I finally woke up and although today, I am still “puffy” around the edges, I am a little better.  That did not stop me from swallowing 2 more sinus pills when I woke up.

I grabbed a fresh brewed cup of coffee for the Electrician and I, and settled down to wake up gracefully.  Pfft…who am I kidding, first off I am NOT graceful, and waking up to a screaming kitty rates right up there.

I had no sooner sat down to enjoy my fresh brewed cup of coffee, when the phone rang.  Who the hell is calling me at 8 am on a Sunday?   Yup, it was the youngest son calling to wish me “Happy Mother’s day Momma”.  Aww….we chatted for a few minutes and then we hung up. 

About a half an hour later the Nursing Student called to wish me a Happy Mother’s day….Aww…By now the meds have kicked in, and low and behold my nose has turned into a faucet, and I’m really loving those lotion laden kleenex.

I hung out for a bit, caught up with my “Words with Friends” on Facebook, checked up on some of my peeps on Facebook and read a couple of blog posts.  The morning got away from me, but I did shower and get dressed for the day.

The Electrician told me he would grill dinner out, if I would get it ready.  I tripped over myself to get into the kitchen and put some stuff together.  BBQ chicken with a potato and mushroom foil packet, with a foil packet of asparagus, with some garlic bread, and small salad to go along.  I have to admit, although I put it all together, the Electrician cooked it to perfection.

In the midst of eating, the phone rang again, and it was daughter #2, calling to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day.  When I told her what we were eating I think she was kinda jealous, as she stated it was frozen pizza for her.  I’m sorry little one, you could have come and ate with us.

After dinner the Electrician went to the store and got me…wait for it folks, he bought me a Kit-Kat bar.  I’m in heaven.  You see today is my last full blow out as my diet starts tomorrow, I’ll post about that another time.

But the Electrician really surprised me today, because we did something that I truly love to do, so without further ado, the next part of this tale is in pictures.


My ride is waiting for me…..This is after the Electrician and I carried it out of the shed.  And by the way, this was loaned to us by our neighbor, the “other” Farmer who is one of the “other” best farmer’s I know.  They take care of us, and us them. 

This would be my “boat man”, he held the boat while I climbed in and got everything situated.  Hehehe, I took the camera, and our “adult beverages”, and other stuff to make the ride enjoyable.  He made sure that my clumsy self got in AND out without falling into the pond. Isn’t he cute?  Yea, I think so too.

We started off paddling in one direction and the object is to do “laps” around the pond.   We see a lot of things while we are paddling around the pond.  I asked the Electrician to take a picture of the geese that inhabit our pond.  (Although sometimes it’s not a good thing especially when they poo all over our bank, but I still like them).

When the geese first showed up at our pond, there were two that hung out and kind of made the pond their home.   They had goslings(?) and there was a family of 6 that showed up year after year.   This is one of the foundlings that has returned year after year.   He has a new family.  It’s kind of fun to watch them, but like I said, we really don’t enjoy all the poo they leave behind.

This is the fountain that the “other” farmer and the electrician instill in the pond every spring and take out every fall.  It is truly sweet to hear it and watch it on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

To paddle beside it and see the rainbow, that was a thrill.

Folks, I’m still not up to par, and a little puffy around the edges, but to me, this has been a really good Mother’s day.  3 out of 5 ain’t to bad.  Especially when one has claimed I am dead to him and the other well…he is planning his wedding and I’m not really his “Momma”.  I’ll take what I’ve gotten and go with it…..  Love to y’all and Happy Mother’s Day!



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