Well folks, today marked the end of the “long” days with Cam-Man.  The Nursing student is getting ready to be on “Summer Vacation”, which means for us, (since the Electrician has become so involved with helping me take care of him.)  Today was our last “official” long day with him. 

I still get him on Wednesday, but he is going to the Farmer’s with me and won’t see his “Poppa“.  I’ve been watching this little kid since the day he was born, and in times when the Electrician was on the road, he really kept me going. 

The funniest thing was though, that when he was born, I was afraid to hold him, because he was so tiny (6lbs and some odd ounces), and it had been so long (uhm 27 years) since I had dealt with a little one. 

Today is bittersweet, in the fact, that I will no longer get up early in the morning, to go scoop him up and spend time with him on a day-to-day basis.  Now, I will have to call and “schedule” a time to get him.   I think it kinda sucks.

While I realize that I have been blessed to be able to watch him, I’m gonna miss that little dude something fierce.    For all you Mom’s, its great being a Mom, but it is something wonderful to be a Granma.

I’ve watched and taught this little dude somethings, the Electrician has too, and I will confess, he and I might have shed a tear today.  When Cam-Man got into his Momma‘s car and waved to us and yelled out the window  “LUB YOU”.

Especially when the Electrician looked at me a couple of hours later and said, “My poor Cam-Man, he doesn’t even know yet, he’s probably playing at his house thinking that him and I are going to park tomorrow, and we won’t”.

I don’t know about y’all, but I think my house has been hit with Grandparentitis, and it’s bad.  I think we will have to pull out the calendar and set up some “play dates”.  I hope Cam-Man’s Momma has realized she has created some serious Grandparent‘s that already miss their little dude.


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