I’ve gotta a new name!

A lot of things have been going on lately around my homestead.  There’s been some changes, and some switch up’s.  Last week, Joyce (one of the other Caregiver’s for Momma), asked me for a favor, if I would switch up,  with her.

You see, I usually get Momma up in the morning, and give her the meds, and bath and get her ready for the day.  I spend in general about 4-5 hours there and leave mid-day.  Then, the Farmer cares for Momma and Joyce comes in the evening to get Momma ready for bed, and then put her down for the night.

Joyce asked me if I would swap a couple of day’s with her, so the past few days I’ve been given the luxury of sleeping in, doing my thing around my own home, and then going at night to do my thing with Momma.  (On a side note, this has helped me because I have that “sinus fungus crapola”).  (On ANOTHER side note, the Farmer has gleefully told me the past few nights that I look like $hit, uhmm….THANKS DAD!)

But I digress,  Last night when I went over there, I set up the Farmer’s dinner for him (he’s missed out on the breakfast and lunch that I usually make him).   I breezed in and talked to Momma, who has been in delightfully good form the past few nights.  I remarked how bright-eyed and bushy-tailed she looked.  But then, I started making her do some therapy exercises.  She participated completely with me, and even did some on her own.

The evening went extremely well, and I tucked her up in bed, gave her the last round of meds, and kissed her and told her I would see her tomorrow (last night).

Tonight, I showed up, gave Momma a hug, and she gave me the “look”.  She looked at me and said “Are we going to do exercises now?”  “Uhm, yup, we are Momma get busy ok?”

I left her and finished up the laundry, the Farmer already had his dinner picked out and it was “Beef Stew in Wine” that is a “ready meal” from Wal-Mart.  It doesn’t hold a candle to my home-made Beef Bourginon, but it’s close enough for him to like.

I went in and Momma and I did some more exercises, and then Momma looked at me and said in a very normal voice “I think Joanne, you’ve become the therapy police”.    Uhm….ok….I maybe the therapy police, but I’ve noticed one thing.  When Momma has and participates in therapy, she moves a lot better, and stays cognizant longer and better.

When it was time to put Momma to bed, the Farmer was a little wobbly (Sorry Dad, I’m busting you out.)  hehehe, The Farmer decided to have a small bottle of wine with his meal.  I think it was because I was there and he knew I could handle Momma. 

Momma had no problems, the Farmer…..well he might have wobbled more than Momma did.  I got Momma ready for bed, and put her into bed.  I turned her so that she would not lay straight on her back, propped her all up and then rubbed her feet, which she had said felt like “pins and needles”.  I gave her a kiss and tucked her all in. 

Momma told me tonite, that she loved me and appreciated that I am fighting for her, and with her.  I asked her a question though…..

“Am I really the therapy police?”  her reply….

“Yes, you are and I appreciate you making me work, I’ve missed you getting me up, but I like you tucking me in.”

How do you deal with that?   



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  1. So are you going to change your blog name to ‘therapy police’? – hehehehe!

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