Yup, I kidnapped the kid….

Ok, I need to clarify.  Today was my “last” official day to watch Cam-Man.  I woke up before the alarm went off, slugged back some coffee, and went and picked up Cam-Man.  When I got to the Nursing Student‘s house, I had already formulated a plan.

I went inside and Cam-Man squealed when he saw me (I didn’t see him yesterday).  Cam-Man jumped off the couch into my arms and gave me such a bear hug, you would have thought he hadn’t seen me in years.

We toddled off down the road to the Farmer’s house.  When we got to the Farmer’s, Cam-Man screamed “We’re HERE”,  and I can’t tell you how well-behaved Cam-Man was today.  He was so helpful and not into climbing onto everything, and when I asked him to help me get Momma up, he helped.  He sat on the bed and helped Momma brush her hair.

He spent a little time with the Farmer today, it was if, he knows, his routine is about change.  Cam-Man was ever so funny when it was time to go though.  I told him to give his Grampa (the Farmer) some lovin’ and he went and gave him a big hug and kiss, then kissed Momma and waved as we walked out the door.

When I put him in his car seat, I asked Cam-Man, “Do you want to go home or go see Poppa?”  He gave me a look, like “DUH” and then yelled “POPPA” at the top of his little lungs.  Now, mind you he was tired, but made a special effort to stay awake on the ride to my house.  He pointed to all the cows, horses, and BIG trucks.  When we finally turned onto my road, he again yelled at the top of his lungs  “WE’RE HERE”. 

The Electrician was in the back yard with the neighbor looking at the havoc that has happened to our yard (that’s another post).  Cam-Man got out of the car (minus his shoes, he had taken off while in the car), and took off at a run for his Poppa.

What a Re-union (and mind you it has only been one day).  We all came inside and had some lunch, and then Cam-man laid down for a nap, while the Electrician went ahead and mowed the yard.

Cam-Man was too excited to be spending time with us for a long nap, and I heard him after about 1 hour, so I went in and he wanted up.  I got him up and brought him into the front room, and he had heard the lawn mower.  His first questions was “what’s that?”  He walked over to the Bay window and looked out, and then looked at me.  I asked him if he wanted to go see Poppa, and if so, he had to put his shoes on.  He grabbed his shoes and it was on.

I brought him downstairs and he was looking out the screen door, and outside we went.  The Electrician was taking pictures of our yard, and saw Cam-Man, who was half running, stumbling and everything else to get to his Poppa, so he could help.

Well….long story short, Cam-Man helped his Poppa finish mowing the yard, and I brought them both some juice for a break, then they put all my landscape lights back in place, put the flag pole back up, and all the drains back in place.  We were all sitting on the back porch enjoying a cup of  juice, when the Electrician looked at Cam and said…”Cam, do you want to go to the Park with Poppa?”

The Electrician got “the look”  (“Well duh”), Cam-Man gave his answer (which totally cracked me up), he nodded his head and said with authority “UH HUH”.  So, off they went.

They came back about an hour later, and once AGAIN they had found something at the park.  Last time they were there, they brought home a full size basketball.  This time, they found a Cam-Man sized basketball.  It was totally cute to watch him walking up the sidewalk with this small basketball in his hands yelling at me “Look, I gotta a ball”.

Cam-Man and Poppa had a snack of some rainbow sherbet, and I watched the two of them.  They played hard after that, and the time came that I had to take Cam-Man back.

The Electrician put Cam in the car and they had a kiss good-bye, and then they waved at each other while we drove off.    I dropped Cam off at his house, and the Nursing Student is officially on Summer Vacation and has officially passed her first semester of nursing school.  We are very proud of her.  I’ve set up a couple of more “kidnapping” days, psst…don’t tell the Electrician though because I want to surprise him okay?

After dropping Cam off, I went to the Farmer’s and let him go to his Wednesday night “shoot out”.  Momma was happy to see me, and we hung out for a bit and did some more therapy.  Joyce arrived and we let Momma do her thing.  I went out on the back porch at the Farmer’s for a few minutes and the Farmer showed up.

While he was kinda smiling, he told me I got lucky.  Apparently they had 4 new people show up at the Gun Club this evening, but they couldn’t shoot, because the Farmers were in the fields and although they are South of them it is not safe to shoot.  So, he told them to come back next week, and they had to close down for the night (mind you when the Farmer got home it was about 6:15).  The Farmer had stopped and picked up some Fried Chicken and I sat with him on the back porch while he ate it, and we had some Daddy-Daughter time.

I went back in and helped Joyce with Momma, while the Farmer finished his supper.  After Momma was all situated, I gave Momma and the Farmer hugs and kisses and told them I’d see them in the morning.  Then I flew home to the Electrician.  I haven’t been home this week until about 8:15pm so far, so it was nice to get home a little bit early.

All in all, Camsgranny and the Therapy police has had an extraordinary day.  I think it’s called one of God’s Blessings, and I am truly thankful.



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