A week of changes..

This week has been all about changes.  My schedule has drastically changed and now I have to find another routine to get into.

Wednesday was the last day to “officially” babysit the Grandbaby.  So, now I don’t get to see him on a day-to-day basis.  That kinda sucks.  But, we have made arrangements that I will go kidnap his butt  least once or twice a week.

Since I no longer have to pick up Cam-Man at 8am anymore, we’ve changed my hours for being at the Farmers.  Now I arrive between 9 and 9:30 am, and stay usually until after her 2pm meds.

The past couple of days, I have enjoyed sleeping in a little bit.   However Ms. Baby (the 4 legged daughter), is not yet used to the “new” routine, and has tried very hard to get me up in the morning at 6:30.  Lucky for me, the Electrician has run interference.

The past two days, the “Therapy police” has been very active and it’s starting to show on Momma.  Instead of being a 2 person assist, she is now back to a 1 person assist.  (At least for me).   She is bouncy in her steps, and seems to have a little of her old vigor back. 

Apparently the Farmer and Momma had a movie marathon last night and watched a couple of the “Death Wishes” with Charles BronsonSince they had a “late night”. I let her sleep in a bit today, actually, I’ve let her sleep in the past 2 days.  I think the extra sleep, and letting her meds take effect, is appearing to make a world of difference.

The Farmer has noticed she appears to be more cognizant.  Momma even does some of the exercises on her own while sitting in her chair.  Today, she got a little snippy with me, but then instead of smacking me, she rubbed my cheek and told me she loved me. 

I’ve been working her pretty hard lately, so I think I will give her the next 2 days off, but the Farmer has strict instructions to continue some of the therapy.

While the week has been full of changes, some good, some not so happy,  I guess change is good.



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