If you can’t tell by the title, the Electrician and I got busted today.  You see, we have a “kiddie” pool in the backyard, and we REALLY did buy it for the grandkids.  However, all summer last year, I would lay on a float in the kiddie pool, when it was hot and I wanted to get a little tan.

Well, I realize it is only May 20th, and not officially close to summer time, but dang, it’s been scorching here the past few days and there is no relief in sight.  With the weatherman stating low 90’s all week.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I LOVE the heat.  It is a lot easier to cool off than it is to get warm.

When we had ten tons of snow and the weather was below zero, I literally froze my, well…never mind what froze.  Let’s just say I didn’t thaw out until it got hot outside.

But, yet again I digress.  The Electrician and I decided we both wanted to lay in the pool, but we only had one float.  Then there was a discussion if 2 floats would actually fit in the kiddie pool.  Then there was another discussion about how much another float would cost.  We had a lot of discussions about it.

So, I flew off down the road into town to the local “Dollar General“, and looked for floats.   Lo and behold I found one (psst…it’s nicer than the old one, so I’ve claimed it.), plus the fact it was only $4.00 I figured what the heck.

Just as I was returning with my prized purchase I walked out into the back yard and our neighbor was walking over.  Up popped the Electrician from the kiddie pool, and the neighbor had a little giggle.  I don’t think he believes our story anymore that the pool is for the Grandkids.

We blew up my float and sure enough they both fit!  So, we spent some of the afternoon, on the floats in the pool.  Now mind you with both floats in the pool, every time one of us would move, it created waves, and the Electrician and I both giggled.

So, basically, instead of spending $800 for a full size pool, and having to buy chemicals and the other stuff you need.  I am completely happy with my $5.00 kiddie pool and my $4.00 floaty.

Oh yea, the Grandkids can still swim in MY pool…hehehehe


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  1. I can just picture this – hehe!

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