It’s been a Sleepy Monday….

While I am extremely tired for some unknown reason today, I am kinda happy.  This morning dawned, and we had some rain last night and it was a little crisp.    The shorts I had laid out got replaced by a pair of jeans.  I drank my coffee, and got ready to roll.

On the drive over to the Farmer’s this morning I was going over a conversation I had last night with a friend. The discussion was about make-up, and I stated the last time I wore it, was when we had gone on the cruise.  I guess I just don’t see the need to get all “gussied up”, when my day is spent taking care of the Farmer, Momma and Cam, and the Electrician.  Don’t get me wrong, when we go out, or do something special then I guess I do put the war paint on.  But actually this isn’t what this post is about, and I got side-tracked.

So, back on track, I got to the Farmer’s and went in to talk to him for a bit and find out how Momma progressed over the weekend.  Apparently, uhm…I had let her sleep in for a couple of days last week, and Joyce had a hard time getting her up on Saturday.  Uhm…oops.  So, now I will make sure that she is only allowed to sleep in 1 day a week.  And I might just switch it up every week so we do not develop a routine.  Folks, when Momma is cranky, she’s cranky.

I went in to get her up, and yup, I saw a little of  the cranky in her, but I joked and had her giggling by the time her bath was over and got her dressed.  The Farmer came in (he assisted today because well, Momma was not able to do it with just me and her).  Momma huffed and puffed on her walk out to her chair, but she did it.  The longer we went into it, the longer and better her stride became.  After she was sitting in her chair, I left the room to gather the laundry and took it downstairs to the washer.  By the time I got back upstairs and walked into the room, Momma was fast asleep in her chair.

I gave her the 11 am meds, and I’ll be goofy, but Momma slept through it, in her chair.  The same thing for the 12 o’clock meds.  By 12:15, I figured THAT’S it, so I woke her up.  She was fine as pie.  She was chatty, and then I dropped the bomb.  Momma uttered a bit, something about “Therapy police”, but she did the exercises.  Then I asked her, “Hey Momma, you want to try something different?”

Momma looked at me and I told her what I had planned, and she was game.  So the Farmer and I assisted her and she walked into the kitchen to look out the window, and we got ready to wash her hair.  At one point, poor Momma got “stuck”, which happens when Parkinson’s people’s limbs “freeze”.  Momma got scared for a few minutes, but then with the Farmer and I helping her she relaxed.  The Farmer and I washed her hair, and I apologized for soaking her, and she said the Farmer was trying to drown her.  But it was all good.

We got back to the chair, and can you guess what happened?  Yep, she went back to sleep while I was blow drying her hair.  Someday’s are like this.

I gave Momma her 2 pm’s and then had to scoot down the road.  The Nursing student had to work tonite, so I was going to watch Cam-Man for about 1/2 an hour.  I went to the Nursing student’s house and ….go figure, Cam-Man was taking a nap.  The Nursing student left, and I was sitting on the couch,watching t.v., when I heard it.

Cam-Man was crying, so I went in to his room and scooped him out of his crib and that kid bear hugged me.  I took him AND his blanket to the couch.  This kid had a death grip on me and sat in my lap for a good 25 minutes without moving and just snuggling.  He’s a really good snuggler with Grandma. 

The Fisher dude showed up, and I reminded him something the Nursing Student had told me, “Hey dude, did you remember to get diapers?’  Yea, the Fisher dude left again.  Cam-Man was up now, and he went to the fridge and wanted a snack, so I gave him a piece of cheese and a mug of juice.

The Fisher dude arrived back home with diapers in hand, and Cam-Man wanted to go outside, so he went and got his shoes.  Apparently the Nursing student and Fisher dude had built the boys a new toy for the backyard.  It is a teeter-totter, or a see-saw, and let me tell you Cam-Man LOVES it!  The Fisher dude welded it and it is awesome.  Cam-Man had to show me how it worked, and it was too cute.  I finally had to go back to my house, and I gave the Fisher dude and Cam-Man hugs and told Cam-Man I would see him in the morning.

I got home to my house, and the Poor Electrician had been to the Dentist today.  So,  I made the easiest thing for him to eat for dinner.  spaghetti, plus it’s his favorite.  I made enough for us for dinner, the Farmer for dinner tomorrow and the Electrician for dinner tomorrow.

I’ve had a really good day today.  But I’d better pull my socks up for tomorrow, because uhm…YES, I have Cam-Man all day, plus Momma, and the Electrician has to go to class.  It’s a rough start to the week, but it will only get better.



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