Meltdown is over…..

I have decided in the wake of my last meltdown, I am taking myself and my situation far to seriously.  Although, I tend to have meltdowns, they don’t happen very often, well…ok, not as much as they used to.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in our own day-to-day living that we tend to forget to stop, and just smell the flowers.

So, today I stopped, and smelt the flowers. These beauties happen to be on my front porch.  The Electrician had planted these about 7 years ago, and they only bloom once.  If anyone can tell me what this plant is I would really appreciate it, because the electrician and I have no clue.  This one is nestled in between these.

My favorite and I started out with two of them and we have split them for so many years, I now have about 9 of these babies.  I really love the hasta plant.  I’m not sure why, other than they are a very hearty plant.  I just love looking at all of the “babies” we’ve split from the original plant.  They survive our harsh winters and come back every spring and then start blooming in the summer.  Many a squirrel, and even a chipmunk or two, and bunnies, have lived under these leaves.

There is also a bird bath,  we put it there originally for the birds, but it has turned into Ms. Baby’s t.v. so to speak, she sits at her window in the garage and watches the birds.  I think personally she has evil thoughts, but at least she doesn’t act on them.

So, basically, while things may be tough, and sometimes, you feel a meltdown coming on, maybe instead of having the meltdown, we should look around us, and count our Blessings.  Because truly I have a lot of them, and it doesn’t help anyone,  especially yourself, to meltdown.

I did have a giggle today though, the Electrician was going to water our garden at 1pm today, and I asked him “didn’t you water them this morning?”  he responded with “Uhm, no”.  Then I informed him (in all my Farmer’s daughter knowledge), “Honey you are not supposed to water them in the heat of the day, it is like wasting water, and it will burn the plant.”  Although, honestly, I thought I had pulled that out of my a$$, when I asked the Farmer this evening He informed me I was right.  Water your plants, first thing in the morning and after the sun is not shining on them in the evening.

I did go over and put Momma to bed this evening, and she was fine, maybe a little muddled, especially when she asked me about algebra.  Huh????  I did have to remind her that I flunked math.


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  1. Algebra – that is so funny!

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