Tribute to my friend Rod….

There was a man who came into my life one sunny day…His name was Rod.  He was the Electrician’s “best friend”.  Rod, and I had an undersanding, he loved the Electrician and so did I.   He was my friend, and I his.  I made him posole on his birthday, much to the Electrician’s disgust.   Posole is an aquired taste, so to speak. 

Rod, came into our lives, and he was a breath of fresh air, from all of the parties we  had, uhmm just us 3, to all of the events to we went to as the 3 muskateers.  Folks, we were the 3 muskateers. 

Some of the things we did, still make me giggle.   The Electrician and Rod worked together, and then, Rod Retired and moved off to Gulf Shores Alabama.     We went to visit him on several occassions, and that might lead to why I love Gulf Shores, Alabama so much.    We had a tribute to him this past summer, at the Pink Pony, where we all three gathereed and had a terrific meal ok…maybe some shots too, but that was us.   The Oyster house was my favorite.  After throwing down  some beers we ended up at this establishment, and ordered I don’t know how many platters of oysters on the half shell, some cooked, some not.

We had a lot of good times us three.  Rod came home  he had Cancer and it wasn’t good.  We saw him a few times, he gave the Electrician a shirt that had ‘Roll tide” on it, his love was for Alabama.  The day he died, I rolled up in his driveway because I felt the need to see him.  There was no one at home.  I told the Electrician this, and two days later we called his family.  Yup, our Beloved Rod had gone home to rest.  While it was good for him, not so for us, because we are still here, and we both miss his happy butt so much.  There are people that come and go in  your life, But some of them make an everlasting impression, that even today still hurts because you miss them so much.  To my Brother Rod, I love you,  Love, your little sister….By the way,…uhm….Let’s get it started…. Okay, with tears running down my face, I miss you, not to EVEN mention how much the Elcectrician misses you


4 responses

  1. What a beautiful tribute.

  2. Sorry, but what is posole?

    1. posole is a mexican dish made out of tripe, hominy and chili, and broth,traditional, I made mine with red chili, pork butt roast, mexician oregano and some other stuff, but we fooled the electrician, because there was no tripe involved….(*uhm…tripe and the electrician would not have mad a ood pair….)

      1. oh tripe! Anthony loves all that offal/awful stuff – hehe!
        Your version sounds good!

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