Sunday with Friends….

Today dawned once again nice and sunny.  The Electrician and I got ready, you see one of his High School Friends was coming over today and staying with us.  I had never met her before, but I’ve talked to her online a lot.

We made all of our preparations, the Electrician was going to make BBQ chicken, and I had already made potato salad last night, and we were going to grill some asparagus.

Florida girl arrived at our house, and Big hugs were given, I was so pleased to meet her finally.  We got on like I’ve known her all my life.  We actually (her and I) had fun making the cabana boy (The electrician) do runs for us, as in getting us beers and such.  We laid out in the pool until it got to hot and the Electrician asked if he could have my spot in the pool…So, I gave it to him and then the Florida girl and I proceeded to splash water on him until he thought he was drowning….

We got out of the pool and sat around for a bit and dried off, then it was paddle boat time.  Yup, we paddle boated today, and actually it was fun, Yep, I made Florida girl and the Electrician paddle and I sat in the back with my feet rolling in the waves.  It was a different experience for me, I’ve never been in the back of the boat, usually I am paddling, but today, I got to sit in the back and roll my feet off the boat and relax.  (I could get used to this).  We did a couple of turns on the pond, and even went under the fountain, we all saw the rainbows,.

We docked the paddle boat and all came in and took our showers, and now we are just sitting around, having a memory session.  Mine is not the same as there’s though and it’s ok.  These kid’s grew up together and knew the same people all of their life, and me, well, I lived in a boarding school, and while my memories are different they are kinda the same.

I’ve enjoyed my Sunday with the Electrician’s friend.  Hey Florida girl you are welcome at my home any time,

hehehe…me and Florida girl look a lot happier than the Electrician and the florida girl…

HEY Florida girl….just wait until we make our way to your house, and you get invaded……Love ya girl….


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