Queen of the Backroads, no more….

Yes, folks, you read it.  I have come to the realization, that I can no longer travel the back roads at twilight or dark.

Tonite, on my way back from the Farmer’s (it was twilight), I thought I was safe.  Uhm, duh….nope.  About 5 minutes into the 30 minute drive, I saw the first deer.  Poor little dude was standing by the side of the road, and I saw him and slowed down.  We looked at each other, and he let me pass.

The second wasn’t even 5 minutes later and I slowed down as he darted across the road and turned back and I swear, it looked like he winked at me.

I felt safe for the next 10 minutes and then I was back in the woods again, and there was another one, just standing by the side of the road, kinda watching me.  By now, I’m starting to think there is a plot going on.

I make it by that one and am starting to feel safe again, so I speed up a little.  I’m in the part of my trip home where it is just through the last dredges of the country road, before I hit the beginnings of town.

I let out a big sigh and then something on the side catches my eye, it’s another deer, running across the corn field, towards the road I am traveling.  I slow down AGAIN.  But, it didn’t matter, he came to a screeching halt before the road and just watched me go by.

I think that’s because his brother was oh….10 feet down the road and watching me approach.  I would like to be corny and say this one salutes me, and in a way he did, because instead of crossing the road in front of me, he turned around and gave me his butt view as he went the other way.

So, to all of my Guardian Angels, I send my heart-felt thanks for watching over me tonite.  I kinda like to think that each deer that I passed tonite was one of them, and they were watching me on my way home.

But….on another note, it could be that I am one lucky person, who dodged the deer.  But, I’ve learned my lesson, I will go through town on my home at night from now on.  Simply for the fact, I really like the Rav4 and I don’t want to hurt one of them.



2 responses

  1. Wonderful to be able to encounter these creatures so easily. I loved your post.

  2. We have exactly the same thing situation here with kangaroos!

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