Today, My story….

Today actually starts with a phone call I received yesterday, from the Nursing student.   I was at the Farmer’s taking care of Momma when my cell phone rang (ok, so Maroon 5, “Moves like Jagger” came loudly from my purse).  I grabbed the house phone (I was giving Momma her meds and missed the call).  I called the Nursing student back and asked “What’s up?”  “I know you are watching Cam-Man tomorrow, but he needs to go to the Doctor and the only appointment they have is at 2:30, can you take him for me?”  “Well, duh….of course I will, let them know I will be bringing him and all that stuff, and tell me where I have to take him ok?  I’ll pick him up about 12:30”  “Thanks!” and we hung up.

Today dawned, and I went to the Farmer’s ok, so I may have been a little later than I planned, but as some people have reminded me lately, “the world is round and I’ll get there”.  I made the Farmer his typical friday breakfast, bacon (ton’s of bacon, gotta feed the kitties), hash browns, and eggs.   I ate the bacon and eggs, cuz well….I’m on this diet, but that is another post.

Momma was a little uhm…well, we’ve had a lot of good days in a row, so I was kinda expecting a bad one, well…today was it.  She was EXTREMELY grumpy when I got her up, and she kinda froze at one point, but we worked through it.  She promptly fell asleep once we made it to her chair.  I finished all of the stuff I needed to do. 

My original plan was to go get Cam-Man and come back and finish taking care of Momma, but with Cam-Man being sick, I could not do that.  So, I finished up most of my Friday stuff,  making breakfast, washing dishes,  changing kitty litter, laundry, making Momma’s bed and setting out her night things, hanging out with Momma and the Farmer for a few, giving Momma her meds and other stuff.  Then it was time for me to leave.  I hugged and kissed the Farmer and Momma and told them I would see them Sunday.

Down the road I went.  Now, mind you I haven’t seen Cam-Man since last week (which feels like a lifetime).   I rolled into the Nursing student’s driveway and put the car seat into the Rav4 and ran to the door.  It was locked, so I knocked.  Right away I heard Cam-Man yelling and his Momma telling him to hold on.  Cam-Man opened the door and wanted to shake my hand, uhm….what?  I scooped that little man up into my arms and the first thing he said was “Poppa?”.    Uhm….nope…remember me?  “Geema?”…

He scooped up his blanket and down the road to our house we went.  In between the Electrician and I had a flurry of phone calls, I was hoping the Electrician would go to the Doctor with me and Cam-Man. 

Cam-man and I arrived at my house, and he helped me to put the garbage cans in the back of the house, and we went inside.  Cam-Man didn’t feel well and has  a cough.  I could tell this, when we got into the house, he took his jacket off and his shoes.  I felt his head and he felt warm to me, so I gave him a popsicle.  Which I might add, he scarfed down.

 The Electrician arrived home and Cam-Man saw him from the window and was yelling at the top of his lungs “P O P P A”, he then got down off the window ledge and ran to the gate (at the top of the stairs) and yelled at Poppa until he came up the stairs and the re-union was on.  (Ok, give me a minute here folks, I remember when I used to be the light of this kids life…….sigh….my days are over and Poppa reigns….sigh…I guess boys will be boys…..sigh again.)

We took Cam-Man to the Doctor and the funny thing was, our little Cam-Man has the same Doctor that my boys had when we moved to Illinois, and let me tell you she is good.  Cam-Man was the life and party at the Doctor’s office, everyone loves him, AND the Nursing Student.    Cam-Man went through his exam pretty well, except for the “let me look down your throat thing”.  He wasn’t having anything to do with it, until Geema grabbed him and told him on the count of three, let the Doctor look down your throat ok?  One, two, three….he opened his mouth and let the Doctor look, he was gripping my hand though.

The exam went well, and Poppa hugged Cam-man and picked him up and we were on our way.  Lil dude has Bronchitis, and is going to be on antibiotics, with some cough syrup too.  On the way home we had to make a couple of stops, and we happened to pass the park a couple of times.  I’ve never felt so bad.  Everytime we passed the park, Cam-Man yelled (at the top of his lungs)  “We’re Here!!!” and he threw his arms up like it was a touchdown in a football game.  Poor dude was disappointed when we did not stop.  He was promised though that when he is feeling better we will go to the park.

We finally arrived home and it was time for a snack, “Hey Poppa, I know where the cook’s (cookie’s)are, let me get them ok? ”    After a couple of cookies, and then the Fisher dude came and took Cam-Man away from us.

It’s been a good day over-all.  Busy, but a lot of fun with some of the important peeps in my life.  And just to let ya’ll know.  My first phone call this morning was from the youngest son.  He called at exactly 7;20am, to tell me, this past chapter of his life is over and he is writing a new chapter with nothing but good things.  I am so proud of what he has accomplished so far, he’s in College, and has been released from Federal custody.  To him, I say this, you have nowhere to go but UP.  I love you kiddo….but watch out, Momma may just post about you next……

Night ya’ll….I’ve been blessed with a lot of things today, and I cherish each and every one of them…. Keep Smiling…:)




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  1. That child is adorable and so are you!!!!

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