Exercise and the past week.

Camsgranny has lived this past week, hurting, as in every frickin bone in my body.

When I first moved to Illinois, about 18 years ago, I thought it would be a good idea to get myself into shape and lose some weight.    Momma was game and her and I joined a jazzercise class, that met twice a week.  We would go to class and do jazzercise and it felt really good.  Unfortunately for us, AFTER the class, we would go to Steak n Shake, eat a cheeseburger and cheesy fries.  The class did pay off for me, I lost weight (believe it or not), and my body got into shape.  I enjoyed jazzercise, Momma only went so she could look at the instructor’s butt. ( I am not kidding about that statement either.)

Here it is 18 years later, and somehow, I became totally happy with my life and gained some weight (cough, not a lot but enough),   I have always thought of myself as being in shape, but I’ve been proven wrong.  The Electrician and I got into a deep discussion one night, not to long ago.  The Electrician works out at least 4 times a week.  He’s very dedicated to it.  We do eat healthy, don’t get me wrong, but somehow, while I got chubby, he’s still trim.  (pisses me off to no end.)

So, this week I took the bull by the horns and changed up my diet, no carbs.  (Oh potatoes and bread how I miss you.  sigh.)  I also started an exercise program this week.  You see the Farmer has a stationary bike, and I’ve ridden it every day this week for about 30 minutes, and on friday I even managed 45 minutes.  Besides riding the bike, I’ve done crunches, and some other stuff.

I wrote a message to a great friend of mine on Thursday night asking her, “Please tell me it is worth it, because right now my arms, legs, butt, and every bone in my body is about to die”.  She encouraged me and told me it was ok, and it does get easier.  Pfft…what the hell does she know?  (Actually she knows a lot she walks 4 miles everyday and does the no carb thing).

Here it is Saturday, I’ve lost 4 pounds this past week, my body doesn’t hurt today, well why should it?  I haven’t done much all day.  I do have to admit something though.  I figured that since I did so well this week, I could have some carbs with my dinner.  I made a chuck roast cooked in a mushroom gravy, broccoli, and uhm…yea, french fries.  I didn’t have that many french fries, but maybe the fact that I smothered them in mushroom gravy,(I am the Farmer’s daughter, and desert in our house was a piece of bread smothered in gravy)  well…..I might just have gained back that 4 pounds I worked so hard to get off of me.

While I appreciate the fact, that yes, I do need to get back into shape, isn’t there any other way?  Oh well, I have already decided  I would work out Monday through Friday and take weekends off, and I’ll stick with the no carbs thing FOR AWHILE, but when I get to where I want to be, I will maintain it but that no carbs thingy is going out the window…..


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