Who needs an alarm clock?

Today did not start out quite like I thought it would. I was sleeping all snuggled up under the covers, and then a little face peered into mine, and with a very determined authority stated “MEOW”.  Now mind you, Ms. Baby is MY alarm clock, EVERY morning.  Luckily for me the Electrician shooed her out of the room and got up with her, at oh uhm 6:30am, on a SUNDAY!  I went back to sleep, and was happily making zzzz’s, when I woke up with some loud birds squawking, and then the Electrician yelling at Ms. Baby.

Apparently, a baby bird had fallen out of the nest, and all the birds were watching to see if the new baby bird would get up and fly or whatever.  Unfortunately Ms. Baby saw him fall out of the nest as well, and had designs of her own.  What I woke up to, was all of the birds in a 5 mile radius dive bombing my cat and the Electrician trying to get her back inside.  As an update, both parties were ok, and I was up.

Well, luckily for me the Electrician had made a new pot of coffee, and I hit that sucker hard.  We had plans today.  We had to go to the Farmer’s.  The Electrician was going to do some yard work, and I was going to “train” a new Caregiver for Momma.

We got to the Farmer’s and I got busy with Louanne, and the Electrician and the Farmer did whatever it is, when two guys get together.  After, I showed Louanne everything, and told her what to do, I loaded up another load of boxes into the Electrician’s truck and the Electrician started weed-eating the yard.

The next thing I knew we were searching for a hedge trimmer.  The Farmer came out and found one that the electrician could use, and he got busy on the hedges in the front yard.  Now mind you, the Farmer is 78 years old, and although he gets around pretty good and mows the yard, some things, he just hasn’t got to.

Louanne, the Farmer and I got Momma up, I showed Louanne how to do it,  so  that is not so hard on Momma.  We got out to the front room, and I told Momma to look at that sexy man outside the window trimming the bushes.  Momma’s face lit up.  The Electrician came in and gave Momma a hug and a kiss, and she lit up like a Christmas tree.  She promptly told him though “Where have you been hiding and how come you haven’t come to see me?” hehehe….

We finished everything up at the Farmer’s and then after hugs and kisses all round, we drove home.  The Electrician remarked how much work there was to be done, and I casually said well…if your up to it, come on!  (He’s planning on coming back on Tuesday with me.) 

We got home and burned all of the boxes we had brought back with us.  Then we got busy on dinner.  Yes, it was bbq baby back ribs, corn on the cob, and baked texas beans (with jalapenos).  (burp).  Sorry.

The rest of the day has been spent relaxing and plotting our calendar for the next week.  We have a lot going on right now and are trying to co-ordinate our activities, together and apart.

I was truly blessed today, simply for the fact that the Electrician, who has given his total support, but up till now has not really wanted to be involved, has made the effort to be involved.  He is also finding it is kind of rewarding in itself.   To the Electrician, I thank you, and you saw Momma’s reaction. 

I understand on a certain level though, a lot of times, it makes us uncomfortable to be around someone with an illness.  But most times, if you just jump in with both feet, it can be a very rewarding experience.  To all parties involved.



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  1. What you say in that last paragraph is so true. With Husband some friends and family can cope with seeing him like he is now and some just can’t and have told me so.

    1. Oh Jules, it is true, people find it hard to deal with what we are dealing with, while they like to bury thier heads in the sand so to speak….before you critize me on how I deal with it, give it a try and SEE how you deal with it, because most times they can’t…..hat’s off to you my friend, we are in the same boat, and we are both paddling…..

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