Crazy Monday….

Yes, folks, today in my world it’s been a little strange, crazy with a little Insanity thrown in.

The day started out just fine.  I made my way over to the Farmer’s in the drizzle, (it was raining most of the day).  I went in and made a cup of coffee and the Farmer and I chatted for a bit.  I decided today, I was going to let Momma sleep in.  You see, yesterday wasn’t a great day for her and she seemed tired. (That plus the fact she was snoring to beat the band).

I went in and made breakfast, and after eating it, the Farmer made a run to the local Wal-Mart, and Lowe’s.  Apparently just about all of the hall lights had burned out, and he needed to get more light bulbs.

While he was gone, I did the breakfast dishes, and then got busy making him a tuna noodle casserole for dinner.  The Farmer arrived back home and I put all of the groceries away and the Farmer went to lay down.  In between all of my activities, I had checked on Momma, and put her in dry clothes and changed her pants along with giving her meds.

I went back into the kitchen and got busy doing the dishes.  I guess I wasn’t really paying attention, (there is a window over the sink that looks out into the backyard). I happened to look up and had the beejeebies scared out of me.  Staring me straight in the face was a doe (deer).  It had climbed up on the porch and was looking through the window at me just watching me wash dishes.  I freaked out and ran and woke up the Farmer (sorry Dad, didn’t mean to scare you), he came into the kitchen and by now the doe had gotten off the porch and was just standing there staring at the house.  I opened the dining room window and whistled to get her attention, but I think I spooked her.  We watched her and she finally ran off down the backyard.  Both the Farmer and I said at the same time “Not through the Garden”, well you guessed it, she ran right through the garden.

By now, I decided that Momma had been asleep long enough and I went in and got her up.  She cracked me up when she asked me “Today is Thursday right?”  “Uhm, Momma you haven’t been asleep that long, today is Monday, June 4th”.  Letting her sleep, paid off, because she did really good and even managed to wash most of her front by herself.  She even helped getting her dressed.  We made it to her chair with no problem.  I told her about the deer on the back porch, and she asked me why I didn’t invite it in, uhm..huh?  Yes, folks, sometimes her light bulb doesn’t go off, but it’s ok.

While we were all hanging out in the living room, I was looking out of the window, which by the way, you can now SEE out the window, (Thanks to the Electrician who cut the bushes yesterday), when suddenly a fire truck and two ambulances went sailing by, and suddenly there were a lot of people turning around in our driveway.  I went out to look, and unfortunately there was a really bad wreck, just down the road.   I won’t go into details, but unfortunately, someone lost their life.  I pray for their family tonite, because folks, it was bad.  When I left the Farmer’s today, I will admit I was a little heavy-hearted.  Life is a very fragile thing.

I had to go to watch Cam-Man after I left the Farmer’s, and when I got there I sat and talked to the Nursing Student for a bit, before she left.  Cam-Man was sleeping.  I sat down and then I heard his little voice in his room, so I peeked around the corner and he let out a squeal.  “GEEMA”.  I got him up and him and I played hard for about 2 hours.  I kinda enjoyed that time, since I didn’t have to share him with Poppa (no offense, but for at least 2 hours I was number 1). hehehe, I do have to admit though, Poppa called while I was there and Cam-Man lit up at hearing Poppa’s voice, and even talked to him on the phone.

When I finally arrived home, I did something called the Insanity Work Out (that’s another post).  Let’s just say I won’t be doing that one again.

So, it’s been a crazy Monday, and I’ve gone off on several different trails today, but it’s ok, it’s all on this path we call life



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  1. How terrible about the accident.

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