Terrific Tuesday….

My day started out a little normal.  I had a restless night last night, and didn’t sleep very well.  Between me and the Electrician coughing and being restless, it wasn’t a good night of sleep.

I headed over to the Farmer’s and the Electrician was going to follow me there.  The Electrician was going to work on the Farmer’s pump-room today and get all of the Electrical stuff up to code. 

I arrived and made a cup of coffee and went in with the Farmer, we were both watching the Queen’s last day of her Jubilee Celebration.  (Momma had the t.v. on in her room although she was snoring, she opened her eyes and watched for a bit).  The Royal family arrived on the balcony and the Farmer and I watched the “Fly by” and the family waving.   Then it hit me.  This was history.  We did have a lively conversation AFTER Momma got up about how long the Queen would have to be in power to be the longest reigning Queen in history.  I was right though…HAHA to the Farmer and Momma I was right.  (On a side note, uhm 5 more years and she will have beat Queen Victoria).

But again I digress ( I have a habit of doing that).  I made breakfast for the Farmer and the Electrician, yes folks, I actually cooked for both of them.  It was biscuits and gravy with sausages too.   

The Farmer went off to mow the lawn, the electrician went off to do electrical work downstairs, me?  I went to get Momma up.  She was in fine fare today.    I got Momma up and then had to scoot on down the road to get Cam-Man.  Yes, he was part of our day today too. 

When I picked him up, he was in rare form  today too.  When I put him in the Rav 4 I threw him a curve ball.  I asked him, “Do you want to go see Granpa?”  he responded with “Uh huh”.  then I told him Poppa is there too.  I got the look.  He said “Huh?”  and I told him, Poppa is at Grampa’s house, are you going to be ok?  he just looked at me like I had lost my mind.  We pulled up at the Farmer’s house, but Poppa’s truck was gone, so I called him on the cellphone to ask him where he was.  I was advised he had to run to Lowe’s for a “box” and he would be there in a minute. 

Cam-man walked into the Farmer’s and ran up to Grampa and gave him a hug and sat in his lap for a minute.  I was busy in the kitchen getting ready to make lunch for the Farmer and the Electrician.  Cam-Man was in the living room when Poppa walked in, and Cam-Man was extremely surprised.  He left Grampa like nothing and ran into his Poppa’s arms.  (Well, if anyone ever had a doubt, Poppa is number one in this guys eyes).  (sigh) 

We finished out the day at Grampa’s house and Cam-Man picked all of his stuff up and gave hugs and kisses to Momma, and the Farmer and then let his Poppa load him into the Rav4.  Cam-Man made the comment….”Park Poppa?”.    Well, duh….Poppa and Cam -Man took off in the Rav4 to the park, and I got the truck and the errands.

WOOHOO, I was allowed to go to the grocery store….call me a girl in heaven.  I looked at everything AND only made 3 unauthorized purchases.  Seriously, I did GOOD!!!!!  I arrived at the park about 30 minutes after the Electrician and Cam-man and we played hard.  I have never seen this kid giggle so much. 

Cam-Mans Daddy called though and it was time to give him up, so we met at the car-wash and gave Cam-Man back and the Electrician and I finished our shopping and came home.

Folk’s, today has been my icing on the cake, I’ve had some of the most important people in my life be together, get along, and have some giggles.    And to ice my cake even further, my Dillinger called me to tell me everything is ok, he’s attending College and things are going good.  He also wanted to tell me he had a copy of my DD214, (ok hun it’s not the original), but it will open doors as far as grants go for him. 

Life’s good for Camsgranny…..hope it is for y’all too


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