Whew, what a day!

I warned y’all at the beginning of the week, the Electrician and I had to co-ordinate our calendars for this week.  It seems that this week has flown by, but my oh my the things that have been accomplished and it isn’t even Friday yet.  The BEST part is, I survived that Insanity workout.  NEVER AGAIN.  Ok enough said about THAT.

We’ve been busy this week, shaping up the Farmer’s house so to speak.

  I have to go back to Sunday, when the Electrician went over and cut some bushes, and now, we can see out of the front window.  To loading up the truck with a second load of boxes(we burned at my house).  To the Electrician re-wiring the pump-room, and then there was today.

Before I go into what happened today, I have to admit something.  I guess in my 17 years of being with the Electrician, he and the Farmer have not always seen eye-to-eye.  While as the one in the middle, I’ve been torn.  Something has changed over the years.  I think (in my own opinion, and we all know what those are worth) both have earned each other’s respect.

You see, the Farmer loves me, he’s my Daddy.  The Electrician loves me, I’m his wife.  But I think, they both love each other, but are to darn stubborn to admit it.  Ok, enough of the sappy $hit.

I got to the Farmer’s today and let him know the Electrician was coming over to finish cutting bushes.  I made breakfast, and had just started cooking bacon when I went in to check on Momma.  The Farmer had run to the Post office, and the Electrician showed up (knocking on the door, uh duh HELLO, come on in).  I left Momma in a precarious position, and ran to the door, and saw him. (Smack forehead here), I told him to watch the bacon and I went to finish changing Momma’s pants.

I came back out and he finished cooking the bacon and the Farmer walked in.  Everyone said hello, and I asked the Electrician if he wanted some breakfast, but he had already had a bowl of sugar and said “nah”.   Although, that did not stop him from eating most of the bacon on my plate.  Oh well, here I go again digressing.

Breakfast was over and the men got busy. 

 The Farmer went and fired up the tractor, and the Electrician got busy with cutting stuff away from the house next door, (uhm, it’s lovingly referred to as my house…uhm…ok, not really, it’s the house the Farmer bought so he would not have neighbors and it’s lovingly referred to as my gym, uhm…cough, it’s the house next door, the Farmer owns ok?) 

Anyhoo, I took some before shots of the house. 

 And actually I knew the Family that owned it.  There is some tragedy around the family of the previous owners.    But anyhow.  The guy’s got to work, and then realized, DAMN, it’s a little hot out here.  I brought over some water, (I let Momma sleep in today).  I went inside the house and remembered all of the exercise equipment in it, and I proceeded to work out, while the guys were outside sweating off parts of their bodies. 

I really enjoyed this thing called the Nordic track thingy, that I will take pictures of it.  I did 50 of those suckers with ease, it’s when I kept going that my arms felt like jelly and my legs turned to mush, oh yea, my stomach….well, let’s just say I get it.  O U C H.

Back to the matter at hand.  The Electrician worked his magic and the house was transformed.  The guys worked hard today.  The proof is in the pictures.  They also worked together and found respect in each other.  (I’ll explain in a bit).

When we were (OK they) were wrapping things up we were walking back to the main house and we heard a car horn.  Lo and behold the Nursing student and Cam-Man pulled into the driveway.  We were all happy to see the both of them.  But….ok give Geema some credit here.  The Nursing student told Cam-Man Poppa was here too, and he got out of the car, said hi to Poppa, and then gave me a hug that felt like no tomorrow.  That kid clung to me and made my day.  (Psst…WE are still BFF’s.)  We hug out for a bit and then I told everyone to come inside out of the heat.  By now, the Farmer who wasn’t going to give up before his son-in-law, told him, “that’s good, let’s call it a day ok?”.

We all went inside and I went in to get Momma up.  I gave Momma her bath and got her dressed (there was a lot of noise going on in the other room).  I told Momma she had some visitors, and she was excited.  Apparently while I was taking care of Momma, Cam-Man was acting like he owned the joint, but no-one understood what he was asking.    When Momma emerged from her room, with the Farmer and my assistance, she was in her glory.  Mind you she hasn’t seen the Nursing Student for a week or two, and she was so very happy to see her.  They held hands and talked. Cam-Man was getting into trouble because I guess his Momma didn’t understand what he wanted.  (I realized later that he wanted some lemonade out of the fridge with his BIG BOY cup) but it was too late.

The Nursing Student and Cam-Man got ready to go and the Electrician and I walked her and him out, buckled him up in his car seat, hugs and kisses all round, and then I kissed Cam-Man and told him Geema would see him tomorrow.  That kid kissed me(with a cracker in his mouth and stated WUB You) and off they went. 

The Electrician took me out to lunch when we left the Farmer’s.  OH MY GOODNESS.  Ok at this point screw the diet and I’ll work out more tomorrow.  I ate enough sushi to keep the rest of the world alive.

I went back to the Farmer’s tonite, so he could go to his DRPC meeting, and I had a wonderful evening with Momma and Joyce.  Joyce and I figured out how to wash Momma’s hair without it being that much of a “strain” on Momma.    Momma, had a really good day,  she has had therapy and been a wonder.  It was almost like she didn’t have Parkinson’s. 

But around 7:30 tonite, Parkinson’s reared its ugly head.  It was ok though, you know why.  Today, I saw some serious miracles in my family.  Parkinson’s while it seriously sucks, it CAN bring a family past all of the ugliness, and to a place, where they all get together, because of the one.

Because when it’s all said and done folks, my Family has rallied around to show support and to show love and to be……a family…….


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  1. What a day and a half!!!

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