Good News!

I’ve had this information for 24 hours, but I had to let it sink in, and I also had to have the Electrician’s permission to post about it.

For those of you that read my blog, you know the Electrician has been laid off now for about 4 months, (to the day tomorrow).  Well, Thursday night, he called the job line (he is a Union Electrician), and there were a couple of different calls for Electricians for his Local Union IBEW 538.  One of the calls was for 4 Electricians to go work on the Wind Farms that are popping up everywhere.  The Electrician made the call and put in for the job.  (I can’t explain how the “job call” works because I really don’t understand it myself, sorry).

Anyway, yesterday morning at exactly 8:04 am, he got the call and he starts work on Monday.  While we celebrated Mr. Cam-Man’s birthday yesterday evening, both the Electrician and I were thanking God.  For we are blessed.

We took a drive  today, to find out exactly where the Electrician would be working, we timed the drive, and it is exactly 28 minutes from my door to his job site.  While it might not sound that exciting to anyone else, for me I’m thrilled.  The Electrician can go to work and come home everyday.  (The last job he had been 2 1/2 hours away and he left on Monday and came home on Friday).

While we were at the job site we took some pictures,

  I was reminded of the trip we just took where the oldest Son proposed to his girlfriend and we passed about 250 of these wind farm thingy’s.  Who knew the Electrician would be working on them?  Although he has been taking classes on how to work on them.  These things are 300 feet up, and well, let’s just say, I’m glad it’s him and not me. 

The Electrician has been attending classes about how these things work, and, to say the least I am very proud of him.  When we pulled up to one today and we both got out of the Rav4 and looked at it, he stated, “It doesn’t seem that bad, I think I can handle it”.  My loving Electrician has conquered his fear of heights.  The only thing he is worried about is maybe claustrophobia.  But like we both talked about in the car on the way home, was I think he can do this.  When he was in class, he said climbing in the tower the first time, he was nervous, but climbing the second time was ok.

The best thing about this job is, when he was on the road, he shared a house with some other Electrician’s.  Two of those guys, he went through the apprenticeship program with , and they were “study buddies”.  Every Sunday the Electrician would leave and go over to Indiana to Jimmy’s house and study while sitting next to the Wabash river, sometimes on a boat in the river.  These guys went through the program together, and were “room-mates” at the last job.  And now they are together again, because his 2 “study buddies” are on the job with him.


Folks, I’m just happy for him, because My Electrician is most happiest while he is working, and the fact he can be at home while he is doing his thing, makes me happy.  The fact he is going to be working with his “buddies” makes both of us happy.  Plus the fact, this job could go into December but maybe even longer.

Hey y’all, I know the saying goes, if Momma ain’t happy, nobody is happy.  In MY house, if the Electrician ain’t happy NOBODY is happy.  Folks, my House is a HAPPY place right now.



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