Quality Control….

Ok kids, I really do not know what is going on with Ms. Baby’s fascination with our garden lately.  She is a house cat that is also a scary cat.   When she goes outside, it is usually for about 15 minutes and she lies on the back deck.  If anyone comes up to the deck, she runs inside and hides underneath the bed.

Lately, she has taken to hanging out in the garden.  I don’t now if she is providing quality control for the growing plants, or smelling them or what.

We have found her in our garden more lately than ever

. I like to think she is doing quality control on the tomato plants.  Because she is sure loving on them.

Forgive me because, I went a little crazy with the camera…. She knows I am behind her with the camera and this is her…yea, human, I know you are taking another picture of me, but I’m really happy here so don’t make me come inside please.

My cat is getting older, and she has her ways…hard headed, she gets from her Poppa, she gets her loving from me.  Yea right…this is a cat with some serious tude, and she likes to show it….  Look at her peeking out at me from between the tomato plants.  “Yea, I see you”…..

Uhm, Momma you really need to get in here and do some weeding….  just sayin….


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