Late night again….

Well here it is 12:13 am, I cannot sleep.  I just arrived home from the Farmers house, oh about an hour ago.  The Farmer had his CCRA  (Champaign County Rifle Association) night (with the guys).  They get together and I am told he had a steak and baked potato dinner, and an awesome “guest speaker“.  (yawn).

It’s been a long day for me.  I got up woke up to the Electrician kissing me goodbye, on his way to work.  Um, yea I went back to sleep (sorry).  I did finally surface after Ms. Baby came in and gave me “the what for” (as in get yer butt outta bed and feed me, or let me out), and she even kicked me with her back paws to make sure I understood she was serious.

Yea, yea, whatever.  I got my butt outta bed and did the stuff around the house I was supposed to, and thought I’d better get things ready for the Electrician, because 1. He’s gonna be tired when he get’s home, and 2. He has class tonite, which means he’s really gonna be tired.    In case you missed my post about his new job.  The Electrician is working 10 hour shifts on the Wind-turbine farms.

Anyhoo, I made his lunch for tomorrow, and set his clothes out, and did those other domestic diva things I do, and then I left my house, for the Farmers.

I did the usual stuff there, and folks, let me tell you, I kinda freaked out on Sunday, because Momma was sick.   She had a cold, which I did not want to turn into pneumonia, and while we are not out of the woods yet, the prognosis is good.  The Farmer and I have taken extreme caution with her and given her meds for her temp, (which only spiked once). ( By freaking out, I asked everyone I knew on Facebook to put her in the Prayer chain. )  Well, let’s just say it’s working.

But I’m digressing once again, back to today.  I had a really cool post that I was going to post until….well….let’s just say Camsgranny muffed up.  I have to tell the Farmer tomorrow, but uhm….well…it goes back to me taking pictures with his camera (which by the way is totally awesome).  The pictures I took at his house with him and the Electrician working on the yard, well… I took the pictures with his camera, but I took the memory card out of the Farmers camera to download the pictures into my computer with MY camera (which really is the Electrician’s camera), and well…uhm…I forgot to put the memory card back into his camera before I took the pictures…..  OOPS….

So, for any of you technical people out there, can you tell me how to put the pictures onto the memory card and off the hard drive of the camera?  Or what I have to do to get the pictures from today?

I’m not giving away what the pictures are but some help here, please?

Anyway….today was a long day filled with the Farmer and Momma and Cam-Man, but right now I am seriously to tired to go into it other than the dilemma of how to get my pictures back.

I think I am seriously not ready for technology…..cuz I always find some way to muck it up….


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  1. I know exactly what you mean!

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