Answering machine message…..

Today, after coming home from the Farmer’s (it was a long day for me) .  I arrived home with an hour and half to spare, before the Electrician would arrive home from work.  Luckily for me I had done most of my “diva” stuff this morning, but I still had a few things on my list to finish before he came home.

Today with Momma went smooth, until towards the end.  The Farmer had made a trip to the “Big City” of Champaign and did some shopping at “Sam’s” and “Meijer“, with a couple of stops at some Gun stores (Big Boys with their toys).

The Farmer helped me get Momma up and then he flew, and Momma and I did domestic diva stuff at their house.  “We” did about 4 loads of laundry, and I have to say that Momma pitched in, she helped me fold everything (I refolded it, but she tried, and felt useful).  I vacuumed, (Momma did therapy and didn’t realize it, as in “lift your legs up Momma, ok, put them down, okay lift them up”…you get the picture).  I cleaned out the Farmer’s freezer, uhm…seriously, a meal I made for them from 2009??? yea, it went into the trash.  I re-organized the freezer (upstairs),   Just a quick question to the Farmer, exactly how many Fettucine alfredo frozen dinners do you really need? hehehe…

Ok, I digress again…Momma asked me a question, I really didn’t know how to answer  “How come I feel in a good mood one minute and the next something is wrong and I don’t know what it is?”    I didn’t know what to say other than “Sometimes we feel good and then a thought happens and we dwell on something ugly, let it go OK?”  The Farmer arrived home, and Momma was ok again.  I left to hurry home and finish my stuff.

I arrived home and didn’t even come downstairs to see if there were any messages on the answering machine.  I went straight into making the Electrician’s lunch, and supper.  I was making spaghetti (his favorite) with garlic bread sticks.  I ran the garbage cans out front because tomorrow is garbage day, and I didn’t want the Electrician to worry about anything when he got home.  Hey, he was on the road for 14 months and I did all this stuff by myself before, I can do it again.  The plus side to this, he comes home every night.  Working 10 hours a day isn’t easy and anything I can do to make it easier for him I’m all for.

I don’t even remember why I came downstairs but I saw the little red light blinking on the phone, and knew we had a message, so I hit the button.

A little voice said into the phone “Hi!  Poppa,   lub you, I peed on the potty, Bye.”  Aww… I’ve cried 1000 tears, this message was so cute.  Ok so maybe it wasn’t to me, but aww.  Well, like the Electrician told me, it was to both of us, you see, I’ve seen Cam-Man this week, and I will see him again tomorrow, but he hasn’t seen his Poppa since last Friday.  Cam-Man misses his Poppa.  Although I may be Cam-Man’s BFF, he loves and misses his Poppa.

It’s funny.  This little kid has come into all of our lives, and he has touched all of us in his own special way.  From the Farmer (who HATES little kids, but LOVES this one), to Momma, who loves him, because they have a lot in common and understand one another, to the Electrician who loves his first Grankid like there is no tomorrow, to me.  Me, this kid, kept me going when the Electrician was on the road, to the smiles and love and just over-all stuff he and I have shared.

So, I guess, when you think you’ve had a sucky day, remember all of the good things you have to smile about, me?  I’ve got a bunch.



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