Freaky Friday!

Yup, it’s Friday folks.  While to some it means that tomorrow they get to sleep in and don’t have to go to work.  Me?  It’s gonna be a fun day.  I’ve got some plans for tomorrow.  But before I get to those, I have to live today.

Today…hmm… it had its moments.  One thing I don’t understand.  I had a bad morning with Momma.    I told the Farmer, Momma had a bad morning and the Farmer apologized to me.  I told the Electrician, Momma had a bad morning, he apologized to me.  I don’t mean to sound mean to either one of them but I ask a simple question.  Why are you apologizing to ME?  Momma was the one who had a hard time.

I told the Electrician what I said to Momma and he said I was mean.  All’s I told her, when she went straight up Parkinson’s on me (after she had been the life of the party while the Farmer and I had gotten her up, and then the Farmer left to run some errands).  Momma started moaning and got stiff and straight up Momma gripped with Parkinson’s.  I simply stated in a forceful way, (after I had given her Mr. Bear to hold in her arms), “Momma close your eyes and go back to sleep, I don’t want to see those eyes open and I want you to relax and hug that bear, like you mean it.”

I believe she knew I was serious, because she went back to sleep and at first it was a restless sleep.  But then, she relaxed and REALLY slept.  I even gave her 2 doses of medicine and she never woke up.  Me?  I went on with my normal stuff, changed the kitty litter, did the laundry, cooked for the Farmer (yes, friday’s are turning into Betty Crocker days, but I enjoy it and so does he).

The Farmer arrived home about 1:00, and walked in, and said to Momma, “I’m back”…She giggled (GIGGLED), and was fine after that.  pfft….

I found a Disney Movie on t.v. called “That Darned Cat”, staring Hayley Mills, who is one of Momma’s favorites, and she sat up and watched that movie and even was “normal”, it was like this morning and her Parkinson’s self had never even happened.

I got my stuff together and headed off down the road to go watch Mr. Cam-Man for a bit.    I got to the Nursing students house, but Cam-man was sleeping.  The Nursing student was riled about something, and I listened to her and gave her my input.  Unfortunately she was really riled up and Cam-Man woke up.  So, I went in and grabbed him, and we had a little conversation after his Momma left to go get some more diapers.

“Hey Cam-Man, you’re coming to my house tomorrow and you get to see Poppa“, he pointed to my chest and said “house?”  and I said “Yep, MY house”, then he said “Poppa?”, and I replied with “Yes Poppa will be there and you can see him and be at my house, but you better bring your swimming trunks, cuz Granma is gonna put up the pool ok?”   “K” was his response.  I then received a bear hug from this little kid, and he squeezed hard.

We went into the kitchen and he was looking for a snack, and then he spied the little baggy of blueberry muffins I had brought with me, and pointed to himself and said me?”,  Yes, I gave him one, he scarfed that sucker down like he was starving.  I asked him where his cup was and he toddled off into his room and came back with his cup and said at the top of his lungs “Here”.  So I filled it up with some juice and he and I sat on the couch together and had a moment.

While my day may have started off shackey, it ended well, I came home and the Electrician arrived and while his day is another post, let me just say.  I am blessed.  By the way, my youngest son called tonite and spoke with me and the Electrician, he is doing well, and I’m a proud Momma.

Freaky Friday, yes, it has been, but I survived, and it’s all good….


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  1. My husband is often fine for other people but awful for me if you know what I mean.

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