My House today…..Happy Father’s Day!

While I realize that today is not Father’s Day,  when you have a large family, sometime’s you schedule events or  “special” days around everyone’s schedule  well for most of my family, today was the day.

The day dawned, and the Electrician and I ran and did some errands.  When we got home, I put an awesome rub on the 2 racks of baby back ribs we were going to grill out today.  I shucked 6 ears of corn and got the Bourbon and brown sugar baked beans ready to go.

The Nursing student and I pulled a trick on the Fisher dude, and told him to be here by 1:00, (because usually, (and he admitted this), he is the reason they are late anywhere they go.  Well..the Fisher dude arrived at my house at exactly 12:48, and asked where everyone was.  I was in shock and told him to sit down.  Apparently, he had been gone since early this morning Fishing.  (That is part of his Father’s day).  I told him, I was VERY impressed that he was on time!

Pretty soon, after we chatted for a bit, and he went out to the pond to continue fishing, the Nursing Student and Cam-Man made their arrival.

Cam-Man strutted in the house, as soon as he put a foot on the stairs he was shouting “Poppa“.  He came upstairs and I met him at the stairs.  I got a big hug, but he was still looking for his Poppa.  He went to the window and checked to see if Poppa’s truck was there, and then he heard him on the stairs.  The two had an awesome re-union with big hugs and sloppy kisses.

Both of them got shooed out of the house though.  The Nursing Student was putting the finishing touches on the gift that her and Cam-Man had made for Poppa for Father’s Day.

Apparently (I had set up the pool yesterday), as soon as Cam-Man hit the deck on the outside he saw the pool and went running and was climbing in, when Poppa grabbed him and took off his shorts and shirt, and although one sandal got wet, they were also remove

This kid is a fish, and loves to swim and play, every single one of the family got in the pool with him at one time or another.  I do have to laugh though, because the Nursing student is trying to “potty train” him.    When I came out (everyone else was gone and it was my turn to watch him), he climbed out of the pool and started taking his diaper off.  Next thing I knew, he aimed his little tallywacker and proceeded to pee in the pool.  Not once, but in the course of the 2 hours he was in the pool, at least 4 other times.  I think he’s getting the hang of it.

The College student showed up and took her turn in the pool with Cam-Man too.

Dinner was ready and we had to drag Cam-Man out of the pool, and we all went upstairs and seriously chowed down, Ribs, corn-on-the-cob, Bourbon and brown sugar baked beans and sliced watermelon.   (burp, uhm, sorry).  I love baked beans, so the Nursing student, however, both her and I were denied second helpings of the beans by our respective spouses.    I have NO idea why.

After dinner, we laid Cam-Man down for a nap,AFTER he had gone around the room and given each one of us a kiss and told each of us, “I love you too” and then we all congregated downstairs, and the Collage student laid on the couch and stated she needed a nap, the Fisher dude stretched out in the recliner and agreed with her.  The Electrician and I sat in our respective chairs, and the Nursing student kind of bounced from the recliner, to the couch, to just running into the garage fridge for another strawberry.

We laughed so much at the conversation that was  carried over from the dinner table.  Uhm, folks, my family is just straight up crazy.  I won’t even go into detail about what we discuss, but the conversation downstairs was about suffocating on the College student‘s cleavage, and about her wanting to be “Octo-Mom” with one kid,  to just giggling and out loud belly laughing about the kids craziness.

The College student had to run, she has a night life that she had to go take a nap for…:)  The Fisher dude fell asleep in the recliner, and the Electrician, Nursing student and I all had a good time, just talking.

Let me take a minute to state, I loved these kids while they were growing up, but since they are grown up, I’ve learned, they are GREAT kids, but they are FRIENDS too.

Anyhoo, the Electrician had decided Cam-Man had  a long enough nap, and went and woke him up, and Cam’s  first thought was to go outside.  Unknown to him, Poppa and I had taken down and emptied the pool.  We went outside and a friend of the Electrician’s  was in the back fishing with his 2 of 3 kids.

We all walked down towards the pond, and the Nursing student hadn’t seen Korry or his kids for a long time.  Introductions were made (Fisher dude had never met him), and we proceeded to have a good time catching up. Meanwhile   Cam-Man spotted the battery operated “car” that Korry’s kids arrived in and was all over that sucker.   Korry told Cam to get in and drive.  Cam-Man jumped in but had no clue how to drive it, so Korry’s son got in and gave Cam-Man a ride, all the way back up to the house and then around the driveway and back down to the pond.   Korry’s son got out and went back to fishing, and Cam-Man was hooked.

Cam-Man’s feet couldn’t reach the gas pedal, and I took a ride with him, and showed him how to do it, IT WAS on after that.  That little kid ran in circles with his Poppa and I egging him on.  I think he just liked the wind in his hair and the fact, HE was driving.

It came to an end though, when I realized he was going to run the battery down, so I coaxed him out of the car, with a promise of a boat ride.  The Electrician got the boat ready, and it was time for a boat ride.    The Fisher dude put down his fishing pole, and the Nursing Student got ready and Cam_man climbed into the boat, and they went for their first paddle boat ride.

unfortunately for me, I had to scoot down the road, because I had promised to go to the Farmer’s to put Momma to bed.  So, I’m not quite sure what else happened, but I will come back to it, as the Electrician told me what happened after I left.

I had promised Joyce, that I would go over and put Momma to bed tonite, because she had a “date” with her husband.  I got to the Farmer’s and while Momma might have had a good day, it wasn’t a “good” evening.

The therapy police arrived and did some therapy with her, but Momma’s muscles were not responding.  It happens sometimes.   I did take a plate of food to the Farmer, and he enjoyed it.  Momma was just griping because she really wants to taste something and eat with her mouth and not a tube.  I explained everything to her AGAIN, but I do understand her frustration.  I don’t think I would like it if I could not chew something and savor the flavor of it.

I got Momma into her bed, and comfy, and I even “bed danced” with her to the Lawrence Welk show.  The Farmer laughed at us, but HEY, Momma liked it.    After I made sure she was comfortable, I scooted down the road back to my house.

It’s been a day, and I’ll share the rest later, but for now, my serious thank you to all the Father’s out there.

Happy Father’s day to you all.



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