What a Monday…..

My Monday started off kind of rough.  I really didn’t sleep that well last night.  The Electrician had to go to bed kind of early because his day started off at 4 am, they changed his hours and he has to be at work by 6 am.  So, he went to bed kinda early for me last night.  Me?  I stayed up to watch “Fallen Skies” on TNT.  I think I am seriously addicted to this show.  When it was over, and I turned off all the lights and went in to get into bed, well….let’s just say, he say’s I snore?  I ended up on the couch for a while.  I did make it to the bed finally though.

The Electrician gave me a hug and kiss when he left this morning, and I’ll admit it, my happy butt rolled over and I probably started snoring.  I managed to surface at about 6:45 am, and jumped out of bed (that sounds so much better than, dragged my butt out of bed groaning).  I went upstairs and got some coffee, and came back downstairs and got on the computer and played the million games of Words with Friends, I have going on right now. (I will win eventually).  I decided I had better get busy though because, I had a big and long day planned.

I did all the domestic diva things I needed to do,  also, I did my 30 minute Hip Hop Ab workout, and then went on down the road to the Farmer’s.    First thing I did when I got there was make another cup of coffee, and then the Farmer and I discussed our game plan for the week.  You see, the Farmer has an appointment on Friday to get his blood drawn, and a Doctor’s appointment next week.    So, we had a big breakfast today, and he enjoyed his bacon, hash browns, and eggs.  Today is the last day he gets it until next week.  (I think I saw a tear run down his face at that).  For the next few days, he is getting cereal, oatmeal, and granola.  (I’m giggling over that last one).

I made his breakfast and then ran over to the other house and worked out on the weights for another 15 minutes, then came back and went and got Momma up.    Momma was shining today, full of smiles, giggles and just over all good stuff.

I gave her a bath, and asked her what she wanted to wear, she declared that since it was Monday it was a baby blue kinda day, and we went with it.   Momma was a ray of sunshine today, which is a lot different from Saturday night when I put her into bed.  I asked her if she remembered the “bed dancing”, she didn’t but it’s okay, because I do.

I finished up (even making the Farmer 2 bacon tomato sammiches), laundry was done, and Momma was set, so I left there to head on down the road to the Nursing Student‘s house.  She had to work tonite, so I filled in the 30 minutes that there was no one to take care of little man.

When I got there he was still napping.  The Nursing Student and I  talked for a bit, and then , yep, Cam-Man made a noise,  and the Nursing Student told me, “There’s your boy”.  Hehehe….I went into his room, and he looked up from his crib, and said “Hey Geema”.  He got all excited and I got him up from his nap.  He told his Momma by, and gave her loving.

I asked Cam-Man what he wanted to do.  “OUTSIDE” was his reply.  I told him to get his shoes and we would go out in the back yard.    We went out into the back yard and played for a bit.  The Fisher dude and the Nursing student have a new addition to their family.  Cam-Man showed it to me.  They have a turtle in an aquarium, he’s pretty cute, and BIG.  Cam-Man took joy in explaining it to me.

The Fisher dude had to work over for a bit and the Nursing student called and apologized, and I told her “No Worries”.  Cam-Man and I were having fun, but like I explained to her, I don’t know how to work your t.v.  After explaining it to me, we got the t.v. on and Cam-Man got to watch “Word-Girl“.

The Fisher-dude arrived, disheveled and tired and said Thanks.  I scooted down the road to my house to throw dinner together for the Electrician.  I beat him home by about 30 minutes.  Whew…..

I am so used to having a routine, that with all of the changes in my house right now, we are working on a new routine.  We’ll find it.  We have a few bugs to work out, but it’s still good in my hood.

At least I think I will sleep good tonite.


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  1. I love your quirky turn of phrase (‘my happy butt’) etc.

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