My Sunday tale….

Being that today is Sunday, and the ONLY day off for the Electrician, we made a pact.  Today, we were going to sleep in, get our “chores” done early and relax the rest of the day.

We slept in, and kind of goofed off while drinking coffee and trying to wake up this morning.  For once, Ms. Baby did not come in and try to wake us up at the crack of dawn.  (Nah, she was sleeping in at the foot of the bed).

When we finally decided to get our butts in gear, the Electrician ran the lawn mower around the yard (uhm,  only to knock the weeds down, as my yard is dead, due to lack of rain). After making the bed and starting a load of laundry, I was up in the kitchen trying to figure out what I was going to cook today.

The Electrician came in and decided he needed to go to the store to get a bandage for his arm (where it got burned this past week).  I asked him to pick me up some bleach, and also a can of beer.  (I’ll explain in a minute).

I then proceeded to clean out a chicken,  make a dry rub and wait for my can of beer.  I decided it was going to be Beer Butt chicken on the grill for dinner, with a baked potato, and some Brussel sprouts in a foil package on the grill.

The Electrician called me from the store and said, “They don’t sell just a can of beer, why don’t you call our neighbors and barter a can of beer for a loaf of that pumpkin nut bread you just made”.  Hmm… I hadn’t thought of that.

So I called Farmer #2 (next door neighbor), and asked him, “Do you have any beer in your house?”  he replied “Yea, why?”, “Can I please have a can of beer, and I’ll give you a loaf of Pumpkin nut bread in exchange, is that ok?” his reply was swift  “Meet you at the back door”.  So, I got my can +2 of beer, and they got a loaf of pumpkin nut bread.

So, I proceeded to spice the chicken up, with a rub, and then I shoved 1/2 a Vidalia onion and 1/2 of a lemon , 1/2 a head of garlic, 2 sprigs of rosemary (off my wonderful rosemary plant) up its butt, then I put the other half of the garlic head in the beer, the other half of the lemon, and some onion slices and some more sprigs of fresh rosemary into the beer can.  Then The chicken and the beer can got married.  (HAHAHA, nah, really, I shoved the beer can up the chicken’s butt).  It went onto the grill, for about 2 hours, hey it was a 5 pound chicken.  I also threw the baked potato, and Brussel sprouts onto the grill about an hour after the chicken.

The Electrician, has not realized how tired he was, but he went in and took a nap, while I played “Grill-Master”.

Dinner was really good folks, I recommend  trying Beer can chicken, I’ve done it for years, but this time, the lemon and rosemary, and Vidalia onion made a real difference.

After we ate dinner, we both had showers and into the p.j.’s.  Today, has been our day to relax, recoup, and regenerate.  The Electrician and I both have difficult “jobs”, at the moment his is more demanding than mine, and I am behind him 100%.  Right down to giving him those back massages.

We got a phone call from Farmer #2, and he stated that after trying the pumpkin bread, they went out and bought another case of beer, and are ready to barter anytime.

My Sunday has been very relaxing and fun with the Electrician.  Hope y’all’s Sunday has been peaceful and full of fun too….  Right now, I have to go because one of my favorite movies is on, call me a nerd or whatever, but the Narnia Chronicles are my favorite, and this one is  Chronicles of Narnia and Prince Caspian.   Night!

Hugs from Camsgranny to you!

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  1. Well I have certainly learned something about beer!

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