Yo, Momma….HELLO

Hey y’all, my name is Ms. Baby, ok, so those humans call me Baby.  I am the daughter of the household.  The Electrician, and that crazy Camsgranny always wanted to have a baby, and guess what?  I’m it.

I’ve been a little miffed lately.  I have taken to hanging out in the garden, and they hate that.  The Electrician thinks if he waters the garden, I won’t lay in it, guess what?  He’s oh so wrong.  The cool dirt that I am laying on is oh so comfortable, plus I have to keep an eye on what’s going on out here.

I also have a master plan, just don’t let them know ok?  You see, I used to let them think that I was happy with going out and laying underneath the chairs and stuff..  HA, I got them fooled.  After having my butt dive bombed by the birds because I just happened to spot one of those feathered friends eating worms in the yard, huh… who did they think they were?

I’m on it, and I will protect my humans, from the birds, pfft, I may not have front claws, but buddy, I am fast.  Plus, my Momma, (Camsgranny) really hates when the birds let loose with all of their poop, especially when it lands on her.  Good Golly Ms. Kitty, she flops around and screams and stuff.  I got this, Momma.

The reason I’ve been hanging out in the garden (uhm….psst…don’t tell the Electrician or my Momma)  There is something living under the garden.  It’s not zombies, or anything like that, cuz if it was my butt would run for cover.

There are some creatures that are digging holes, and I think my old buddy the chipmunk is back, (if it’s not the one I cornered in the house and stalked under the bed until Momma made him run out the screen door, I would have killed his butt), and I wouldn’t have to put up with his off-spring now!

But, I’m here to tell you, I got my eyes open and no matter how many times they run me out of the garden, I am still watching and waiting, and I will get whatever is in there.

Psst, don’t tell Momma I had computer time tonite, she might just get mad, and I won’t get my treats for tomorrow…So, it’s our secret ok?



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  1. Your secret is safe with me!

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