Status Quo…..

Today, dawned bright and early for me.  The Electrician came in to kiss me goodbye, but asked me if I would get up with him.  I got up and sat with him before he went to work and we chatted for a bit.  The Electrician  was kinda nervous this morning.  I’m not sure why, but he needed some of Camsgranny’s  strength.  I gave it to him, and told him to settle down and things would be ok.  Since he has started this job, his back hurts, his hands hurt, and well…he’s not as young as he thought he was.

I gave him hugs and kisses and told him I would be thinking about him and praying for him today.

No, I did not go back to bed when he left, pfft…(ok those of you that know me, KNOW I seriously thought about it). (HUSH IT DAD!!!)

I decided to get busy, I drank a cup of coffee, and then had my morning date with Sean T. and the Hip Hop Ab thing.  (It must be working because the pair of shorts I wore today were falling off me.).  I vacuumed  downstairs and mopped my stairs, and got dressed and headed down the road.

The Farmer was happy to see me, but all’s I could think about was cooking breakfast.    The Farmer had to run up to Wal-Mart, because we had called in Momma‘s prescription, and it was supposed to be ready.    Well, we ate breakfast, and I was washing the dishes when the Farmer returned, uhm, no prescription, because they did not have enough meds to fill it, but it will be ready tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I had a plan.  You see, today was our “road-trip” to go see Momma’s Neurologist.  I figured if I let her sleep as late as possible and then got her up she would not be freaked out.  Good thought, didn’t work.

She was happy as pie when I got her up and bathed and dressed in her “Sunday” clothes and jewelery.  I told her she had to wear shoes today because we were going on a road trip. ( My fault, I warned her).  We got up and out to her chair and then WHAMMO, PD struck in all it’s not so glory.

The Meds did not kick in at all.  The Farmer and I loaded her up into the wheelchair and out to the car.  We had a thought that maybe putting her into the backseat, and me next to her would be a better ride.  I will say I was so proud of Momma when we got in the car, and her and I held hands the whole way there (30+ miles), she even talked.  “Corn on the right, beans on the left”

Momma did perk up when we passed by where the Electrician is working and Momma stated “He climbs up there?”  “Yes, Momma wave at the Electrician”, and she did.

We got to the Doctor’s and the Farmer dropped me and Momma off, if wasn’t so hard to get her out of the backseat into the wheelchair and then we went on in and checked in, while the Farmer parked the car.  (I think he kinda enjoyed playing the chauffeur today).

We were in the exam room before the Farmer had even came upstairs to the 5th floor.  The reason I know this , is because when we got into the elevator, 2 other women got in with us, and I didn’t know what floor it was, Momma chimed in, “it’s the 5th floor hon”,  uhm…  ok.

The Farmer found us, and we were waiting on the Doctor.  Momma started to get up all PD BIG time.  It happens when she is nervous or agitated.  The Doctor showed up, and Momma relaxed a bit.  The visit was “Status Quo“.  I say this because Momma is no better, nor is she any worse.

We asked a lot of questions of the Doctor, and he seems to think we are doing wonders.  Momma is doing good.  We asked about the medicine, and this is how it goes, your damned if you do.  The reason I say this, is because, if we increase one type of medication, she may get  more hallucinations, and get hard to handle.    Right now Momma has plateaued.

The easiest way for me to describe it, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I do have one piece of information that I did not realize in any way shape or form.  I did not know, ok, maybe I did, but Momma was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2003.  Folks, it is 2012, this has been 9 years in the making.

Our trip home was uneventful, other than the fact, that Momma and I in the back seat, uhm…I slept on the way home, holding Momma’s hand.  She stayed awake, until she got home and back into her chair.

After I gave her the 5 o’clock meds she dozed for a bit, but when Joyce and I put her to bed at 7:30 pm, kids, I gave her the 8 o’clock meds, and she was out like a light.

So, as for my day, Status Quo, sticks out.   The Electrician was worried about me, because usually after one of these days, I come home and freak out, as in listen to music on you-tube, or just cry.  But ya know what?

Today, has been a REALLY good day for me. From sitting in the back seat of the car with Momma and holding hands, and her holding my hand while I was sleeping, to me holding HER hand while she was sleeping.



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  1. Oh you are so good! Ming and I visited Ants today and he was completely crippled up/frozen when I tried to take him to the toilet and I got a bit impatient with him (argh – sometimes I hate myself!)

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