Sure Shot…..

Because I really don’t have any thoughts in my head right now, I am going to talk about a picture that I have, that has a lot of memories that go with it.

This is a trophy that sit’s in what used to be “my room” and has now been turned into Cam-Man’s room.

One weekend back in 1997, when I used to shoot guns, the Farmer, Momma and I went up to another town, and competed in a contest.  It was a 2 day affair, with the first day being Women’s shoot, and Men’s shoot.  The second day being a “couple’s shoot”.  The weekend was also Father’s day on that Sunday.

Momma used to like to shoot guns and was actually really good at it.    For the Saturday that we went, Momma and I entered into the women’s competition, and both of us did really well.  A little too well.  We shot at targets and did clay pigeons, and some other stuff, and the first prize was  a shiny new revolver.

I don’t remember exactly how many women were entered, but I do know who the 2 finalists were, and had to have a “shoot off”, for first place, and the prize of the gun.  (You can see where this is going).

Yes, Momma and I tied, and we had to have a shoot off, unfortunately for the spectators and other’s, Momma and I were well matched.  Our “shoot off” lasted 2 hours, when for some unknown reason Momma missed her mark, and I made mine.  I won the gun, and we both won the trophy.

That year, Momma and the Farmer were going back the second day and compete in the “Couple’s match”.  The Farmer had no idea that I had won the gun, (we told him I won, but nothing about the gun)

You see, that Sunday was Father’s Day.  Momma kept my secret, and when the second day of the match was over, they had an awards banquet.  Momma told me what happened, because I wasn’t there.  But I had already talked to the people who put on the match and told them when the awards came up, they were to present the gun to the Farmer and explain the story behind it, and wish him a Happy Father’s day from his Daughter and his wife.

I have this trophy in my house to remember how much fun and how competitive Momma was.

Momma doesn’t shoot anymore (well duh…that could be kinda scary), she doesn’t drive anymore, or do a lot of the things she used to do anymore.  Parkinson’s has robbed her of a lot of the stuff she used to do.

BUT, I still have my photo album, and I have something Parkinson’s CAN’T take away from ME.  I have memories.

Sometimes, it’s nice to re-visit those memories and things or events we have done.  Please don’t get me wrong, Momma is doing fine and it was a good day, but sometimes, I wish for the days of Pre-Parkinson’s, because Momma used to be so much fun, and up for anything.

She even joked with me today, about taking a cruise and dancing on the deck of a ship….Oh Momma, I wish…..


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