A Cast – No Problem…

For those of you that read my blog, y’all know that my lil’ Cam-man has a broken leg.  If not read the post “Freak me out Monday”.  While it was a traumatic experience for his parents, brother, and us, Cam-Man seems to be adjusting quite nicely.  


With the help of his brother Brayden boy.  It appears that nothing will slow this kid down.

He has stood up on his cast, and also figured out how to slide on the floor on his butt to get to where he is going.

He is still getting into adventures, and I really don’t think anything will slow this kid down.  I haven’t seen much of him this past week, as every time I went to the Nursing student’s house, the kids were napping.  (sigh).  I was however successful in watching them sleep and being able to actually see them, instead of the normal blur as they run by.

The Nursing student and Fisher dude with the kids went to a party this past weekend, and they were nice enough to send pictures.


 While this may not actually be what happened, this is my story that I’ve written knowing the both of the Grankids.

Hey y’all, I’m here!!!!    It’s time to start the party, “Hey Dad put me down I got this!”


Uhm, ruh roh, I guess my head is still a little big, I think I’m stuck…

Are you telling me Cam is stuck again, Really?  Hey, can you get me a drink pwease?





How can you resist my cute little face?  Although I may get myself into some funny situations, I’m growing up to be a heart-breaker..:)


But this one is my Grandma’s favorite.  Or maybe this one, who knows.  I called my Papa and told him I missed him and then I told Grandma “I Love you TOO!!!”  I get to spend some time with Papa and Grandma this week.  I can’t wait!







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