Woops….Missed a day

While I did not post last night, I had a really good evening with the Electrician.  It was long over due, and we spent some time talking, holding hands, talking and listening to some music.

I hadn’t really thought about blogging, I had read some of the blogs I follow, and then found some new ones, thanks to other bloggers.    For me, when I find a new blog that really smacks me in the face with some new thoughts, I take a day or so to absorb it.  I went back today and read this blog today, and it still hit me again.  The blog is  professionsforpeace.com.  I was sent there by  russtowne.com.  I have just started following Russ, but I really enjoy the things he has to say.

Anyhow, in my evening, I truly forgot to blog.  I have now understood that certain people follow my blog, because I got 2 phonecalls today, asking if everything was ok.    “Uhm…yea, why?”  “Well…you didn’t blog last night and I want to know what’s going on and if everything is ok?”

To all of the concerned peeps, it’s all good in my hood.   As for my day yesterday, it was ok.  I trained yet another girl for Momma, and I like this one and hopes she stays.  I think Momma liked her.  Momma and I whispered about the secret we’ve got going on.  Yes, jmgoyder.com  I will spill the beans, and you get a really good giggle out of this one.

After tending to Momma and the Farmer (who put his crockpot into motion this morning with the succulent beef stew I had set up yesterday), I flew to do my errands.

Now mind you, I think Ms. Baby had something going on in her mind yesterday as she woke my unhappy butt up at 5:45, and I figured ok, I’ll sleep in tomorrow (today, and psst…I did, 7:45 never looked so good).  But I digress, I got up and started laundry at my house and then dusted, mopped, vacuumed, and cleaned the downstairs bathroom.  The only thing I had left was to clean the upstairs bathroom, dust, vacuumed and wipe down the kitchen.

I left the Farmer’s and went (wait for it folks), to 2 different Grocery Stores, did my shopping, CAME IN UNDER BUDGET  (this is 2 weeks in a row, wow, call me butter I’m on a roll).

I got home and my BFF was here with her son, they had come to give me a present, (they love me..awwww).  I left the Groceries in the Rav4 for the Electrician (he was home it was a short day Saturday) to unload and I visited with my bud.  I see her all the time but this is the first time in a long time, she’s stopped by.

We chatted and set some tentative plans for next weekend.  (it seems strange to say, even though we live around the corner from each other, she has a busy life as do I.)  I also got PERMISSION to go raid the corn field.

So, one day really soon, I am making sure Ms. Baby gets me up early and I am going corn picking.    This is usually how I get all my frozen corn to keep me going over the winter months.  I go pick about 4 dozen and then cut the corn off the cob and freeze it.  That’s how I have Sweet Corn at Christmas…:)

After she left and I put away the Groceries, I looked around and that wonderful man the Electrician had finished everything that was on my list to do as far as cleaning, and I didn’t have anything left to do other than to take a nap with him.

So all in all I had a good day yesterday, and I didn’t mean to make people worry about me.  But thanks for the phonecalls!!!


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  1. What’s the secret?

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