Countdown is on….

Well, as Monday’s go, today has been a good one.  The getting up and working out part sucked, but the rest of the day has gone pretty well.  I did my domestic diva stuff around the house, and then went on down the road to the Farmer’s.

He was happy to see me, and we chatted for a bit.  Apparently the “new girl” I trained on Saturday is going to work out.  WOOHOO!!!  That’s a good thing, for Momma, and the Farmer and myself.  I really liked this girl and I think Momma did too.

I made the Farmer breakfast after some negotiation.  The next few days are already mapped out, so to speak.  You see, the Farmer has a birthday coming up, and we are all in ca-hoots (well….except the Farmer).  And since I know he reads my blog everyday, I cannot give away the cahootin going on, just yet.

Anyway, I gave Momma a small “Spa Day” today, as in I soaked her feet in Epsom Salts, and I gave her a manicure.  She was a little “Parky”  this morning but started to brighten up about the time I went to leave.  Although there were a couple of whispered conversations.

The Electrician had a really good day, and called me when he was down out of the tower (it made me smile, and breathe a sigh of relief).

It wasn’t anything exciting for dinner, leftovers, but they were good.  Now, I am doing some research and then probably going to bed.  Simply for the fact, there will be a lot of cahooten going on tomorrow for the Finale on Wednesday.

Hehehe  Camsgranny has a secret!  hehehe…


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