Part of mine and a lot of others History gone….

When I was a kid, yes, to my Grankids, I had a t.v.  There may have only been 3 stations when I was a kid, and we didn’t sit around the thing 24/7 either.   Our idea of a perfect day was getting up in the morning and eating a bowl of cereal to cartoons.

After cereal was done, we would do our chores, and then FREEDOM, well, at least until the street lights came on.  I could ride my bike (this was before we moved to England) all over our neighborhood.  Sometimes, we even rode our bike to the nearest corner store, which was about 3 miles down the road, and bought some candy.  When we got home and after dinner, we would gather round and watch some good wholesome family shows.  “Andy Griffith was one of them.

I had it lucky though because, I was raised in the country, and the nearest town was at least 7-10 miles down the road.  (That was back then, I’ve been there since I was 9-11 years old years old, and now it is ALL town, with no country).

Just recently when the Electrician was laid off, he had a routine that he would follow, and I stumbled upon it one day.  You see, they still play “The Andy Griffith Show“, on one of our local channels.  I can’t tell you how many episodes I’ve seen, almost back to the originals.  But to me it was good wholesome family life.

I was saddened today, to learn  Andy Griffith, died.  I felt the loss, although I had never met him, nor really ever knew him outside of this show, well… Matlock too, but, I digress.

I never would have believed as a kid, if you were to tell me I would grow old (ok, not so old), and see Icon’s from my childhood pass away, I never would have believed you.

Heck for that matter, and no, by the way I am only 50, and NOT OLDER than dirt, I never would have dreamed I would be typing a blog in 2012.

Rest in Peace my Childhood friend….



2 responses

  1. I remember that show very well, so I must be about your age. 🙂
    What really shocked me one day (years back) was when I said to a young lady, early 20s that Frank Sinatra had died. And she said, “Who?”
    When that happens, you know you’re OLD.
    –Christine from

    1. Deja Vu? Uhm, yes, It seems, the Electrician and I were talking and wondering who would remember these people. We really not that old to have these memories….And with Frank Sinatra came…..Ginger Rogers…………

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