Happy Birthday America and to the Farmer!

Happy Birthday America, you are officially 236 years old.

Happy Birthday to the Farmer, you are officially 78 years old.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your day and the surprises!    For the rest of you folks, I kinda forgot the camera, and Momma thought she was going to be in a photo shoot today, and dressed up for the Farmer.   oops…

When I got Momma up this morning, it was after I had given the Farmer his birthday card, and his deviled eggs, and my surprise.   A lemon meringue pie, which is one of his favorites.

I got Momma up and she was ready, she wanted to give the Farmer her surprise.   You see, Momma asked me a couple of days ago to please pick out a card for her to give the Farmer for his birthday.  She also wanted me to shop for him.  Well…  let’s be real here for a second, he is 78 years old, he has everything he wants, what do you buy for him? The answer is you buy him nothing, you make it for him, and he appreciates it more.

Momma and the Farmer had a “moment” because I really don’t think he thought he was going to get anything from her.   He did!  Momma took some pains with signing her name and writing I love you (I may have helped her), but she did it!

For the mid-day (ok closer to 1:00 pm)  extravaganza, I pulled it off.  The Electrician arrived and said his Hi’s all round, and we all visited for a bit, Momma was kinda dozey, but tried really hard to stay awake.  When she fell asleep, we all kinda went into the kitchen and SCARFED a really good meal (ok, I MAY be patting myself on the back right now, as well as burping).

Dinner was served, Prime Rib, twice baked loaded potatoes, corn on the cob, deviled eggs, drunk mushrooms in red wine, and watermelon.    The Farmer finished his dinner and even drank a glass of wine.   He retired to his chair, and the Electrician and I cleaned up the kitchen.

We hung out for a bit, the Electrician and I went next door, and the Electrician has already decided some more yard work he wants to get done in September/October.

I gave Momma her 2 pm meds and then told them both to take a nap and the Electrician and I flew home.  We had each driven our own cars, so I was following him home, and I noticed he turned his turn signal on RIGHT before the Dairy Barn.  Needless to say, I turned right after he did and parked, and SMILED.

Back on the road home, (with a small Artic Breeze of Snickers and Heath bar, mixed with soft serve ice cream like a milk shake).    Folks, up till this point, I had driven and had all my windows down, but when I got back into the Rav4 with this masterpiece, I rolled up the windows and turned the a.c. on.  It was melting to fast for me not to.

I followed the Electrician home, and laughed when we pulled into the driveway and compared who had eaten the most.  (I Lost).  After getting home, putting up the ice cream, the Electrician and I did what we were supposed to being we were in a food coma, and promptly took about an hour and a half nap.

To the Farmer, uhm, the Electrician said something a minute ago about having some pie, I told him to finish his ice cream.

We’ve had a great day and are getting ready to watch some fireworks, I hope y’all have had a good day, to the Farmer, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and I LOVE YOU!!!!!




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  1. You are a champion!

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