The Day after….

The Day after the 4th of July in my house, was a little different.  The Farmer was going to have a “night out” with the boys, so, I was going to go in the morning and get Momma up and then come back and put Momma to bed.    But for the noon hour, I was coming home to “celebrate”  “4th of July” with  Nursing Student, Fisher dude, and 2 beautiful Grankids.

Seeing as how the Electrician had some errands to run in the morning while I was gone, it kinda worked out.   Before I even left the house that morning, I grabbed the Crock-pot, and sliced some onions, threw them in and then a pork butt roast on top of them, a can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, 2 cups of chicken stock, turned that puppy on high, and let her rip.

By the time I got back to the house, after getting Momma up, and settled.  I walked into the house to aroma of cooking pork.   The Electrician was downstairs, and called out to me.  Now for all of you that follow me, you know the dryer has been a source of well….it doesn’t frigging work even after the Electrician has replaced about every darn part in it.  It’s a Summer dryer I think, as in Summertimes it works and summertimes it doesn’t.   Well anyway, we found another and bought it at an auction, and we just had to go get it, and the Fisher dude was going to help.

But, the Electrician already had that puppy here and almost hooked up  BIG THANKS to my Neighbor the” Pack rat” (who took our old one and helped get the new one) and I was in awe.   I started a load of laundry just to see if the dryer worked, as soon as I hit wash on the washer, the kids showed up.

Brayden-boy and Cam-Man haven’t been to our house since before Cam broke his leg.  Let’s just say we’ve seen both of them in between, but it’s more fun when they come here.  When both boys enter our house,  they scream at the top of their little lungs,  PAPAW,  PAW….  And then the silliness ensues.


We all hung out for a bit (as in the boys rough housed with Papa, and then we ate).  Everyone picked a seat, and we had a feast.  The Nursing Student brought some potato salad, and Baked beans with sausage,  (uhm, side note, although I really THANK her for leaving us the leftovers, the Electrician not so much, he says they have an effect on me….whatever that means), BBQ pulled pork sammiches, watermelon, and cantaloupe and macaroni salad, and …I could keep going, but all’s I know is I was full…(burp).  The babies took a nap,   The Nursing Student and I decided to bake cookies, and left the guys downstairs.

I really wish I would have thought to take pics of her and I in the kitchen, simply for the fact, we cook alike, we spread stuff all OVER, and it needs a cleaning crew to come in after us.

While we were making the cookie dough,  we heard a “thud” and then some crying…  Apparently Mr. Cam-Man has now figured out how to get out of his playpen (his bed here), and hit the dirt hard.  The Nursing student and I went in after we heard the thud and crying and sure enough, little man was sitting on the floor.  We sent him downstairs with the Men, and he promptly went to sleep.

The Nursing Student and I finished up the cookies, and came downstairs.  We all hung out for a bit and chatted.  Then it was time for me to go, I went back to the Farmer’s and hung out with Momma and Joyce.  We had a good time talking.  Momma was getting tired and we put her to bed (Well, Joyce put her to bed, I gave meds and held hands for a bit).

I guess the Farmer was going for the gusto, because he was a little bit later than I thought he would be.  When I got home, the Electrician was already in bed,  I had called him when I left the Farmer’s and he was tired after our day, apparently after I left, the kids, stayed around for extra Papa time with the boys, and Papaw was tired.

I had a good day after…..Although to be truthful, I was kinda tired…..


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  1. You really are awe-inspiring! I have resubscribed to your blog but, as you know, I am still having WP problems so still not getting notifications – grrr. Oh well, until they sort if out I will have to resort to googling you – well worth it as in this post!

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