Uh oh, Tuesday.

While I don’t normally do my blog this early, I thought I would just give y’all a peek into my morning.

I was sleeping ever so blissfully, when I was rudely awakened by a paw in my face.  Apparently, Ms. Baby thought I should get up and get moving.  Since today is my “double” with Momma (yep, the Farmer and the guys are having a night).   I had a lot to get done this morning.

After finding the coffee pot (thank you to the Electrician who left me exactly one cup, so I could drink that while another pot was brewing, LOVE that man.)   I got busy, workout done, check, vacuuming done, check,  floors mopped, check.  Catching Ms. Baby running into the house with a bird in her mouth,  Uhm WHAT?

Yes, you guessed it.  She has been camping out in the garden, because the birds like our garden.  This morning my little girl, who has no front claws (mind you), decided she was going to give her Momma a present.

She came flying in through the sliders and I noticed her immediately, I had visions of the “chipmunk  episode” run through my brain, I didn’t want some poor bird to be stuck in my house.  I cornered her and got her to move back outside, but unfortunately, the poor little sparrow didn’t make it.

Ms. Baby has been loving up to me all morning, and while I have to praise her for her, for her hunting prowess, I feel bad for the little bird.    I just hope this is not a sign for my day.

Hope y’all have a good one, Me?  I am going to be a little cautious.


One response

  1. That is priceless! Our cats have brought live mouse into the house on occassion. It’s a frantic scramble to kill it before it makes its self comfy in the house!

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