What a Monday!!!

Today started off with promise.  I got up, slurped some coffee, washed the bed linen, and another load of clothes, all dried and folded, with the bed remade before I left this morning.  I did my work-out, and set out the Electricians clothes for tomorrow, and then a couple of other things and then off down the road I went.

Today, was a little bit of deja vu for me.  I was swinging by to pick up Cam-Man, and then down the road to the Farmers.  Yes, kids, I got to watch lil Cam-Man all day today.

When I got to the Nursing Student‘s, Cam-Man came running up to me.  (YES, running up to me, he still has a cast, (but after spending Friday with the Electrician and I, ok, maybe we worked with him a little bit).  I got told off a little by the Fisher dude and Nursing student.  Cam-Man had, been getting around scooting on his butt all over the place, and now he’s figured out how to walk with the cast,  he is now running.  (OOPS).  Although, he was kinda getting used to the nickname “scooter”.

Anyway, he and I traveled down the road to the Farmer’s and when we pulled into the driveway, his first words were “We’re HERE”.  We went inside and  Cam decided to play shy to the Farmer.    That ended quickly after I plopped his butt down into the chair and fed him his breakfast.

The Farmer and I talked, and apparently the “new girl” from this weekend is going to work out  (HURRAY!!!).  She did really well with Momma, and when I asked Momma about her, Momma said “That girl is a riot and I like her”.  That really does take some stress and pressure off of the Farmer and I.

The Farmer and Cam-Man played in the front room while I got Momma up, she was really “loose” this morning, so it was a snap to get her up.  Her muscles were ready to move.  I called in the Farmer and Cam-Man came in to give his support, and we all walked out into the front room.

With Momma situated in her chair, I gave her a mouth swab, and Cam-Man demanded one too.   I left the three of them and went down to start the laundry.  I finished all the chores, and then went in to  see what was going on.  It was pretty lively in there with Cam-Man playing with toys and all three of them watching “Word World“.  Oh and by the way Momma was participating in the spelling of words.

I decided to take Cam-Man for a ride around outside in Momma’s wheelchair.  We went all over the backyard, and then next door, all around the house and then we parked at the top of the hill, so we could watch the cars going by.  Some very nice Truckers that went by, blew their horns, and Cam-Man was fascinated.  He waved at everyone that went by and just had a good time.  I’m not sure what they thought, seeing this little kid with his leg in a cast in a wheelchair, but they were all nice enough to wave back.

We went back inside, and the Electrician has already told me I am sick, but I really have to share this with you.  Momma needed to go potty.  I went and got the port-a-potty and brought it into the front room, and told Cam-Man to sit on the couch and not move.  So he watched the whole process.  When Momma was done and all cleaned up and back in her chair, I took the potty back to the other room so I could clean it out, when Cam-Man came running and told me “Poo”, so I asked him if he had to poo.  He ripped off his diaper and I set him on the potty and he went.

After getting him cleaned up, I just sat and thought for a minute.  Cam-Man has only went on the potty one time that I know about, but here he is, after watching his Great Grandma go, he went.  Hmm….

After all of that excitement, Cam-Man and I went on down the road to my house.  When we first got into the Rav4, Cam asked me “Pawpa?”    I had to tell him Pawpa was at work, but was it ok if he hung out with me?  He nodded and then promptly grabbed his blanket and fell asleep on the drive home.    I will admit, I drove a little slower than usual because I knew, once the car stopped running he was going wake up and there was no possibility of getting him back to sleep.

When I turned down my street, I was a little surprised because there were two tractors, getting the street ready to paved.  I could not pull into my driveway because of the mound of dirt in front of it.  So, I pulled up to the mailbox, and sat there for about 15 minutes waiting for the guys to clear the dirt out-of-the-way.   When the dirt finally got cleared, I pulled into the driveway and shut the car off and got out to walk around and get Cam-Man.  The poor guy driving the tractor turned it off and started telling me he was so sorry I had to sit and wait, and that it didn’t dawn on him, I was waiting for my driveway to be cleared so I could get into it.  I laughed and told him I really didn’t mind because I had a sleeping 2-year-old in the car, and once I got him out of the car,  it was over.

I was right, the minute I got Cam out of the car, there was no more napping, ESPECIALLY when he saw the 2 tractors on our street.  That kid loves BIG trucks and Tractors.

He and I played, and I’m not sure where the time went, but the next we knew, Pawpa was pulling into the driveway.   Cam-Man was screaming, and we met Pawpa at the door, and the Electrician was surprised to see Cam-Man, but happy too.  They had a little love session.

The Nursing student and Fisher dude showed up a little after that.  By then I think Cam-Man was ready to go home.  While they were loading him up in the car, he was yelling, “BYE, BYE,  LOVE YOU TWO”  “Bye Pawpa, and Geema”

So, now that I’ve eaten my dinner, made the Electrician’s lunch for tomorrow, taken a shower and am finally relaxing, I am asking myself a question.  “How the heck did I used to do this everyday?”.

Don’t let me kid ya, I love doing it.  Have a great night y’all,   my pillow is calling me.


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  1. You are the the epitome of cheerfulness – love it!

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