Parkinson’s Question….

My world is turned upside down a little.  So, before I get into what turned it upside down, I need to ask a question.   This question actually came from Momma, who has had Parkinson’s Disease for 9 years now.

There was a “news story” on the 5:30 “National News” .  It was a story about a woman who had done extensive research on Alzheimer’s Disease, and had found a possible cure, or at least a drug that would help, only to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

I’ve spent the better part of this evening (after I got home from the Farmer’s, Hey it’s Wednesday and y’all know he has a regular Wednesday night “out”.)  I’ve researched on the internet, and ya know what?

Alzheimer’s Disease is widely known, and researched, but ya know what?  Parkinson’s is not.  Sure, Michael J. Fox, brought Parkinson’s into the news, because he suffers from it.  He started a Foundation, that has tried to bring awareness of it.

I must insert a disclaimer here, because this is solely my opinion and everyone has them.

Momma asked me tonite, “Why doesn’t everyone know about Parkinson’s?  I know a lot of people have it, but it is not on the 5:30 News tonite?”

So, my question is this,  Why doesn’t everyone know about Parkinson’s Disease?  I have found that since I started my blog, and also contact with people I knew in my “working world”, There are a lot of people out there that either have it, have dealt with it, or are living with it, be it a Caregiver,  a spouse, a family member, or whatever.

After Momma had asked me this question, she went straight up Parkinson’s on me and Joyce.  This was probably the worst I have ever seen her.  Mind you, I  usually get her up in the morning, and then hang with her until about 2 pm.  Last night she was fine.  Tonite not so much.

I really don’t know what triggered this, other than the news story at 5:30, because folks, she was fine up until that point.  You see, that’s the thing.  Sometimes, she’s just like you and me and then WHAMMO, she goes straight up Park’s and there is no coming back.

Between Joyce and I, we finally got her in the bed, (the Farmer came home early and he helped to).  We got her pants changed, and then tucked up, but by then, (I hope Momma was in her happy place in her mind), because the rest of her sure did not co-operate, and then she told the Farmer that Joyce and I were torturing her.

I tried to explain, we were not torturing her, but she was having none of my conversation at that point.  So I did the only thing I could, I gave her a kiss and a hug, (which she gave back to me, damn, she’s strong sometimes).  I told her,   “I’ll be here in the morning to drag you out of bed ok?”  she replied “I love you Joanne”.

The Farmer and I talked for a bit before I left, and HEY Farmer,   I counted 12 before I hit my driveway, pfft….you really need to quit jinxing me ok?

I’m sorry if this post is all over the map, but ya know what?  I’m all over the map too.  The brave Camsgranny posted last night she’s not scared of nothing, but guess what, I think I am.



5 responses

  1. You are right. Parkinson’s isn’t as known about or talked about as Alzheimer’s Disease, despite the fact that your Momma and my husband both have Parkinson’s Disease Dementia (PDD) which is even less known about/talked about. The most disconcerting thing about PD and PDD is that the sufferer can be fine mentally and physically one minute and then, before you can take a breath, become absolutely the opposite. Your post isn’t all over the map at all – it’s the disease that is all over the map – the unprectability of every minute is an incredibly difficult thing to cope with for both the carer and sufferer. It is so hard.

    1. You are so right Jules, The Disease is so unpredicatable, that it drives the person with it and the Caregiver to it, into a whole other dimension. Now, the question is How do we make it into the News? There is a reason for “us” being chosen to deal with it, ours is to figure out why. I’m working on it….

  2. Sorry for typo – I meant ‘unpredictability’!

  3. i watched that article on the news tonite also, and wondered myself if they would put Al on the news because of his Parkinson’s and depression. does he qualify for news, since he is not anyone special that the world would recognize by name. do you have to be a scientist to get your name out there? it sucks, really sucks, that I have to go this alone. no support groups in town and no darn family that gives a hoot. sometimes i just want to blow my stack, and then i thank god for placing me in this position to care for my brother, as probably at this moment, no stranger could give the love and understanding that i do, they could give surface care only and ask him his name again……………..

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