Farmer Sweet Corn Friday!

Last night, I received a phone call from the Farmer, advising me he had really enjoyed the sweet corn he had picked on the farm.  He wanted to know if I wanted some.  When I said, (duh) Well sure.  So, he asked me to come over early today and he would go pick some.

My early and his early are two different things.  I rolled out of bed at about 6:15, got my workout done, laid out the Electrician’s clothes, and was just sitting down to a cup of coffee, when my phone rang.  It was the Farmer, advising me he had his shower and was waiting on me to get there.  Uhm, it was 7:13 am.  I had exactly 17 minutes to get my butt dressed and on the road.

I made it to the Farmer’s at exactly 7:59 am.  I gave Momma her 8 am’s, and I gave the Farmer some plastic shopping bags.  He asked me how much corn I wanted, and I told him about 3 dozen ears, as I was planning on freezing it.  Then he told me he wanted me to fix some for him to freeze, so I said “Ok,  throw in maybe another half-dozen or so ears.”

Well the Farmer took off like a kid going to the candy store.  Me?  I got busy with the usual Friday things at their house.  Changing kitty litter, mopping floors, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms.  I went in and gave Momma some more med’s and changed her bed pads and got her nice and dry, she told me, “Jo, I am sleeping in today, if you want to come roll me over every so often that is fine, but I’m sleeping in”.    Uhm…okay.  I got all of my stuff done, including laundry, and throwing a meatloaf together for the Farmer’s dinner.

The Farmer finally showed up about 12:30, (Uhm, Momma was still in bed).  He came into the house with his arms full of sweet corn.  He made 2 neat piles, there were 6 ears for him, and 6 ears for Joyce (the other Caretaker of Momma).  The Farmer then instructed me to come outside and get my corn out of the truck.  I grabbed 4 bags (full I might add), and then the Farmer grabbed 4 more bags, and we loaded them into the Rav 4.  I finished up some of my other stuff and gave Momma her other meds and got ready to go.  I will confess though, I asked the Farmer if I could borrow his  “Kitchen Aid Mixer”.  After a little negotiation, and promises that nothing would happen to it, AND I would bring it back on Monday, he grudgingly gave in.

Based on the negotiations, I wrapped it up with a towel and gingerly set it on my front seat, and even put the seat belt on it.  Although, I did leave a note where it usually sits on the counter that stated “Dear Daddy,  Big Sissy is taking me for the weekend, and she’s promised to be nice to me and not scratch me, or abuse me, and she promises I will be back on Monday.  Love, Your Mixer, p.s. she said she would bring you a loaf of the bread she is going to be making, and even some cookies too, so it looks like I may be over worked  but I’ll be back Monday!”

I did a couple of errands and then arrived home and unloaded the RAV 4 with all of my “loot”.  I decided to go ahead and get the corn frozen and started shucking it, and shucking it.  I counted 39 ears that I had shucked, and then looked at the uhm…5 remaining bags filled with corn on the floor of my kitchen.    I cut the kernels off the cob and filled up 7 quart size bags.

I then called the Farmer, the conversation kinda went like this,

“Hello?”  “Hey Dad, uhm, did you count how many ears of corn you picked?”  “No, I just started picking and I only went half way down one of the rows why?”  “I have just put up 7 quarts of corn and went through 39 ears, and I still have oh about 5 bags that are FULL left of corn.”  “Well, good, I need about 3 or 4 quarts”  “Uhm Dad?”  “Yes?”  “If I finish all 5 bags we will probably end up with about 700 quarts of corn to freeze.  So, if you don’t mind, I’m going to give some to my neighbors ok?”  “That’s fine.”  Mind you the WHOLE time this conversation is going on he is laughing his butt off at me.

Let me just say, that I have some VERY happy neighbors right now.  I spread the wealth of sweet corn, which considering  the drought we are going through right now is in itself  a miracle.    I still have about 3 bags left to  freeze tomorrow, but that’s ok, because this winter, when there is no possible way to find sweet corn, my freezer will be full.  And I’m here to tell you this girl LOVES sweet corn (as well as all of my family).



5 responses

  1. i love frozen corn, and if my hands worked better i would buy corn and freeze. used to do the garden thing long time ago, canning tomato juice, canning green beans, freezing corn and green peppers. always loved it so much and miss it so

    1. I’ll have to bring you some, will be canning tomatoes soon, I hope!

      1. i don’t have a space for a garden, or i would be out there with my fanny in the air picking and weedin. lolol

  2. One of the many compelling things about your blog is your contagious cheerfulness – I love it!

  3. This story just made me laugh! Thanks for the glimpse of your day. I think you accomplished more by noon that I did all week 🙂

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